Friday, August 5, 2011

He's Walking And I'm Running

It's official, Everett is walking! He had been walking really good all day and when Jake got home he kept walking from one parent to the other. It was so funny, cute, and exciting all at the same time. We are SO proud of him. It's crazy how much joy a little person can bring into your life!

We caught him walking a little bit on film:

And I am running my first half marathon tomorrow.

I have a photo/quote/scrapbook/journal from high school and I was looking through it the other day. I found the page where I wrote about Imogene Pass (A 17 mile run over a mountain). This is what it says:

Because I have never had a baby, I would consider this race the hardest thing I have ever done. It was so so so hard but when it was all over I felt so good. Going up and over this mountain takes someone who is 100% determined to cross the finish line on the other side. During those 17 miles I thought about so many things but while I was going up the last two miles of uphill all I could think about was 'how am I going to make it?' I would look in front of me and see ants crawling up the mountain the same speed as me. Eventually my body went into overdrive and I ran the last 5 miles. My time was 5 hours and 1 minute. It was beautiful but I will never do it again.

I love the fact that I wrote a little about my experience and I LOVE that I said I would never do it again.... that just cracks me up! I wonder what I will say after tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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  1. Dang! Check out his posture! ...and I love those jammies.