Monday, August 22, 2011

Hippie At Heart

Last Friday, I drove down to Portland to spend the weekend with my sister, Montana.

I had so much fun in Portland. It's such a neat, hippie town and I loved being there. I also loved spending the weekend with my sister and her girlfriend, Lucy.

Saturday morning we rode our bikes through town to have breakfast at Petite Provence. It was, hands down, the best breakfast I have ever had. Bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese, and onion omelet with avocado on top, slices of orange, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon AND a homemade butter croissant with raspberry jam. I ate it all....

(It was a bakery/restaurant... good thing I was stuffed because everything looked amazing but I was too full to eat anything else)

Portland, in a way, is my dream town. You can ride your bike EVERYWHERE!!! (Technically you could ride your bike everywhere anywhere... but Portland has a 'bike lane' on almost every street and places to lock your bike on every street corner. The schools have a bigger place to lock your bike than park your car and Montana said that almost everyone 'rides' their kids to school instead of driving them. They even have entire roads designated for bikes only. And EVERYONE was riding their bikes. I only saw one gas station all weekend. I LOOOOOOVED it!)

My sister is involved in a farming program where she works 12+ hours a day farming/learning all about organic farming and how to run your own organic farm for a little pay and a lot of produce.... so we rode to the grocery store and bought some meat for dinner.

I saw online that Portland has a Saturday market and I wanted to go. So we went.

It was pretty crazy. Tons of people selling tons of things. People drumming on 5 gallon buckets, belly dancers, wannabe bands, kids on the splash pad, all kinds of food, and any homemade item you could imagine.

They had water fountains that never turned off. I guess it's so people drink more water than beer!

We walked through town. We passed voodoo doughnuts (famous doughnut shop) but the line was out the door and around the street corner... so we kept walking. We went to Powell's bookstore- which takes up an entire city block. So cool.

Later, Montana and I hiked up Mt. Tabor. It's a volcano/mountain right in town and the views were incredible.

I got a gnarly blister on my pinkie toe and didn't have a bandaid- so I used a $5 bill- it worked. (I washed it and plan on spending it soon...  :-)

Back at the house we ate the sweet potato cupcakes we bought at the Saturday market and had some DELICIOUS dinner that Lucy made- using things Montana grew at the farm and the meat we bought earlier.

No one ever made fun of me for taking pictures- but I felt so silly taking pictures of everything-  especially when it was everyday stuff to everyone else... like dinner. It's not everyday that I get to eat purple, pink, and butter cauliflower, 6 different kinds of potatoes in one dish, homegrown corn on the cob, steak, salad with homemade dressing, and sausage all in the same meal... but it's a (somewhat) common occurrence for them.

And to end the day- we went to a restaurant called The Pied Cow for dessert. It had been a hot day so it was a warm night... throw a little brownie boat sundae in there and call it perfect!

Sunday morning we went to the Waffle Window. It's literally a window on the side of a restaurant where you can order waffles. When I saw the menu I almost died. I wanted to order one of every waffle!

Montana and Lucy both got The Whole Farm waffle:

... and I got the yogurt and granola waffle:


When I showed Jake the picture of my waffle, I asked him how much he thought it cost. He said "hmmm, $16?"  He was so wrong.... it cost me $4!!!!! I would drive all of the way to Portland just for another Waffle Window waffle.

Later we went to the fruit stand.

Montana and Lucy walked the dog and I got to ride my sister's trike. It was so fun- I almost crashed a few times though- it's hard to turn and not go onto 2 wheels.

We stopped by a fig tree on the side of the road and picked ripened figs. I didn't even know what a fig tasted like- outside of a Fig Newton- until they ripped one open and let me eat it. I'm definitely a fig fan! DELICIOUS!

Once we had done everything we could think of- Montana and I had some lunch at a 'pod' before I left. (A 'pod' is where a bunch of trailers-gone-food-cart group together (somewhat permanently) in parking lot (or something similar). We had our choice of about 20 different food carts... all of which serve you on regular plates with regular utensils (like the waffle window) so they don't waste paper plates and plastic utensils. Genius. (I did this when we were camping over the 4th of July and I think I was the only one who liked the idea of not wasting... but maybe WA will catch on soon).

And then I said 'goodbye' to Montana and Lucy and drove home.

*you can't even tell we are full-blooded sisters.... and only 15 months apart at that.

Before I went to Portland I told Montana that I wanted to eat a lot of good food and be outside. And that's exactly what we did all weekend.

I loved Portland, I'm such a hippie at heart!


  1. Oh bologna! You can totally tell you're sisters. You girls are beautiful! I love seeing pictures of you two together. I miss the good ol' days! And your trip looked amazing!

  2. I love Portland! It's such a great city... I only wish is was sunnier ALL the time :-) I'm glad you had fun with your sis, I wish I lived closer to mine..

  3. I wanna go to Portland! I love your food pics! Yummmm....

  4. That looked like a delicious trip! Did that breakfast place have a line? We almost went to a place that supposedly had the best breakfast but the line was out the door (for a sit-down place) so we left but maybe we should have stayed for that! Glad you had fun.
    P.S. You guys look exactly the same in that last picture, I don't know what you're talking about