Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fair 2011

Jake and I went to the fair last Saturday night with some friends. We had a great time... but the entire time I felt so guilty because I knew Everett would've loved it. So we went back tonight and brought Everett with.

We went to see the 4-H dogs first. Everett loves animals, especially dogs. He kept reaching out to pet them and he said his first word... dog. What a shocker. He said it over and over and it was so cute.

We went to see the horses next. One was even named Jake!

(Right outside of the horse stalls, ha ha!)

Jake and Everett even got to pet some sheep and pygmy goats.

(His fingers crack me up! They are so long!)

We passed by the giant corn and sunflowers on the way to see the pigs.

These little piggies were only 10 days old.

(Poor Momma pig. I can't even imagine.)

We were getting pretty hungry.... for BACON... just kidding... so we decided to head over to Earthquake Jake Burgers. We've heard so much about these burgers and fries so we decided to give 'em a try. And oh. my. gosh! SO GOOD!!!

You can't really tell how big the burger and fries are.... but they are huge. The burger is massive and the fries come in the shape of the rectangle deep fryer. (It will probably take me a week to burn this bad boy off at the gym, but it was worth every bite!)

Then off to Hobby Hall. My favorite.

I love the farm displays.

And I love this picture.

It was getting pretty late, and Everett's good mood hourglass was quickly running out of sand so we headed towards the exit gates.

A trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without stopping by Seattle's Best Fudge. We got almond coconut and grasshopper fudge. Oh man. Another week at the gym for me. (Last Saturday we got creamsicle and rocky road. Delicious.)

Right before we left the fair we stopped by the floral arrangement/landscaping tent.

We had such a great time at the fair and we're go glad we brought Everett. He was fascinated with everything. He loves people watching and we do too.

On the way to the car Everett's good mood hourglass ran out of sand. He threw a gigantic fit. He cried the entire way home. Ohhh, life is so tough when your parents love you so much they make a special trip to the fair just for you. So tough.

Until next year...

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  1. Wait we went to the fair tonight too and did almost all of those same things!! Why didn't we just go together???