Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Smell Insanity

We moved into our new house on Saturday and life has been a little ugly, crazy, STINKY, exciting, stressful, and very exhausting.

Everett went to Grandma's house today so that I could clean the house we moved out of. I spent 8 straight hours cleaning and I feel like I could pass out at any moment. I'm so exhausted. But that house is sparkling clean now and I can check it off of my to-do list.

We've done a little to the new house already. I would love to share pictures but we don't have secure internet access right now and my borrowed access won't let me upload pictures... maybe in a few days.

P.S. the previous owners had a dog and all of the carpets (except for Everett's room and the office) smell like wet dog/stinky feet. We had the carpets professionally cleaned before we moved in (which helped) but the smell still haunts me. We even bought a new vacuum that is supposed to be good at sucking up dog hair/odor. I plan on stopping by the pet store and asking them for advice... but until then, does anyone have any tricks to getting odor out of carpet and thereby saving my sanity?


  1. WHAT!!!!! YOU MOVED!!! I was headed to your old house this week to drop off vases, oh my! I would have left them on the front porch with a "rhyming" note and you'd have never seen them again!! Why did you move!!! I LOVED YOUR OLD HOUSE!!??!!! but I can't wait to see your new house!! As far as the dogs, I don't have great advice but I'll try my best since I have little midgets running around here haha. You can go to pet smart and go down their "doggie peeing on carpet" aisle and get some good things. Obviously this keeps the little rascals from peeing on the same spot again and you don't have any tails running around that will pee, but it does help the smell... Sadly if they had a dog that pee'd non stop it could drive you crazy cause it's hard to get out. My mom had a dog that pee'd non stop in one room and no matter what she did she couldn't get it out, but she did lessen the smell a lot. I used to spray baking soda all over the carpet and leave it for days.. That will help too. Good luck!! Now I have an excuse to see your new house, cause I have your vases!! :) Where are you at now?

  2. I was just thinking today that I needed to call you... I thought you guys were moving this week. Man we are horrible friends. What can I do to help? If you need everett to come over here and play we would love to have him!! Congrats on the new house. I am sure you are exhausted.... Good luck with the carpet. Kevin Walk might know some tricks on getting the smell out as he does carpet I will check with him.

  3. I googled it and it says to "blizzard the floor" with baking soda, let it sit (covering it with a tarp works better) for a day then vacuume it all up. You may need to repeat this process, then cover with Febreeze. I heard the pet kind works good at getting out odors. But I tried making my own with a recipe I got online and I think the freshness lasts longer in the home made version. All you do is get an empty bottle (I just used our old febreeze one) then mix: 3T baking soda, 1/8c. Laundry softener then fill the rest of the bottle up with hot water. Shake, then spray! I really like how long the freshness lasted... Good Luck!!

  4. haha I didn't know you guys were moving either. I probably missed it in a blog though because I have been a slacker on reading peoples blogs. Wonder where you guys are?? The Webb's need to know the location of your house so we can find you ;)

  5. I don't think it smelled bad, you probably just know what to smell for so it is stronger to you. It smelled like a normal house and febreeze lol. I'm sure as you guys settle in the smell will change...every house kind of has a smell so it might have just been those people's too, not just dogs :-/