Friday, September 16, 2011

Squashing His Pickyness

I may, or may not, have grown the most tasty spaghetti squash I've ever had!!!

He was just a little fella. And he wasn't very yella... but I cut him in half and roasted him anyway. And ooooooh baby it was delicious! (with some spaghetti sauce and sausage).

Even our I-don't-eat-anything-other-than-crackers, frozen peas/blueberries, cantaloupe, chicken nuggets, or canned green beans kid tasted it.... with a pen:

I don't even know where he got the green pen (he had a fork) but he actually scooped up a few strands of spaghetti squash and ate it with his pen. Boys.

Everett is a very, very, very cautious and skeptical eater. After eyeing his food for a long time, he'll hold it, give it some taste licks, and sometimes- very slowly- will put it in his mouth. 7 times out of 10 he will arch his tongue and spit the food out with an "ick" and will then spit. Sometimes he just says "ick" and spits without even tasting it.

He often has different food than us for dinner.

It might seem bad to do that... but I remember being a very picky eater myself and I HATED it when my parents made me sit at the table until I ate my once-frozen, tasteless, nasty, disgusting, sad, soggy excuse for a vegetable. I did, however, appreciate (and loved them even more) when they gave in to my 'pickyness' and let me eat my spaghetti noodles with butter and Parmesan cheese instead of red sauce (because I hated red sauce). I eventually became less picky and ate real spaghetti like the rest of the family.

If Everett is anything like me, he will forever hate the foods he was forced to eat... so I don't want to force him.

I'm curious to know what foods your kids love (or that you loved as a kid... and be real with me... no my-kids-eat-eggplant-lasagna-every-night-and-love-it kind of stuff. I need some real kid friendly foods to try on Everett).

(And p.s. Everett is always hungry at dinner time. The fishy cracker picture was taken 2+ hours before dinner... so don't think I feed him fishy crackers for dinner. He does like a lot of healthy foods but he can't live on the same 10 things forever!)

(And p.s. again. I have a lot of trouble commenting on everyone elses' blogs, so if you have trouble sharing a recipe/food idea in the comments section, just e-mail or facebook it to me. Thanks! (tyrell.berner(at)


  1. Shut up it worked! I haven't been able to comment on your blog forever. Ryker LOVES peanut butter so I get the healthy kind and let him dip his fruit, veggies, whatever in it. I also sneak a lot of healthy stuff in his smoothies...spinach, wheat germ, flax seed, veggie purees...All I can say is good luck and don't let it stress you out too much. It's exhausting.

  2. Dip is a big factor in our family. The girls dip everything, and then they love it... And I cut lots of stuff out with little mini cookie cutters and the fun shape apparently makes it taste better. (like meatloaf, or pork roast, or almost anything) And I don't force them either. It's just not worth the battle. He'll come around!

  3. For us, it is all about the dips and toppings. My kids love asparagus but only with hollandaise sauce on it and they only eat carrots and celery with ranch to dip it in. And cheese usually helps too :) Good luck!

  4. Kimber is 5 and almost every day for B and L she eats, carrots, pepperoni (the sliced kind) and ranch. Bridger even says her skin smells like ranch. YUCK! this year she has advanced to 5 bites of cocoa puffs for B and celery with her carrots pepperoni and ranch for lunch. I wont let her have it for dinner or she would. Kelli Hanis