Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twin Falls Trail

We went on a hike yesterday. I've been dying to go on a hike for the longest time and we finally got to go. We decided to hike Twin Falls in North Bend.

The trail was packed but it really wasn't a big deal. My only complaint was the odor from the hikers coming down the trail. Stinky.

Other than that, it was such a great hike.

We passed this huge tree...

(random stranger for size comparison)

... and this tree that was hit by lightning...

... and lot of cool tree roots.

Everett loved the hike. He surprised us with how good he was. It's probably a good thing the the trail was crowded because he was entertained by all the other people and their dogs. That kid LOVES dogs!

About 2 miles in, there was a bridge with a great view of the waterfall.

We kept going up the trail for another 1/2 mile or so... I assumed there was going to be another waterfall (twin falls)... but the trail (eventually) connected to the Iron Horse trail. So we turned around and headed back. We played an awesome hide-and-go seek/peek-a-boo game with Everett on the way down. I would go hide behind a tree, they would come and find me, and I would jump out and scare them. Everett laughed so hard! He loves us. (Probably because we're such awesome parents!) He's a pretty awesome kid too:

I love holidays like Labor day... it's a great excuse to take the day off and go on a hike with the family!

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  1. My mom just got us the exact same hiking backpack at the Packwood swap meet this weekend!