Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He's A Kid

Jake and I always imagined ourselves having kids... not babies. We knew all kids were once babies but we never knew that it took SOOOO long for a baby to become a kid. What I am trying to say... is that Everett is a kid now and it's so much fun!

Although he doesn't talk much, he will say 'ready, set, GOOOO!' all day long. It's the funniest thing. (Of course it's more noise than word... but we know what he's saying).

He's obsessed with any type of ball. Yesterday, I took an orange out of the fridge and he smiled really big and said 'ball?' He makes me laugh. Everyday.

(He found that ancient basketball under the porch yesterday and made me crawl under there and get it for him.)

This boy walks so fast he's practically running.

He loves to throw our sports balls (basketball, volleyball, soccer...) down the driveway and run after them into the street. (what a safe activity!)

He rides his Radio Flyer bike all around the house and it's the cutest thing.

He stands at the door (front or back) all day and asks to go outside. Even when it's raining and freezing cold. He doesn't care, he just wants to be outside.

I'm pretty sure he just went through a growth spurt because most of his pants are "high-waters" now and he's grown out of 3 pairs of shoes. By the way, his left foot is significantly bigger than his right.

When he wants to give you a kiss (or when you ask for one) he will lean in and put his forehead on your lips. It's so sweet.

Lately, he's been wanting to play with little things like marbles, dice, and Lego's.

16... for 16 months!

 After months and months of training, he no longer puts the marbles and dice in his mouth. (He'll still test me sometimes though). But I've been letting him play with them and he'll transfer them from one container to another for hours. It's great!

He has amazing eye/hand coordination. He always has.
(He put the marbles on top of the dice)

Every time I talk on the phone Everett points at it and says 'dada?'

My phone is still a very coveted toy. As is the computer, calculator, and tv remote. Buttons!

He'll take his pacifier out if I ask him to... but he usually sticks it right back in.

One of his favorite activities involves taking every card out of my wallet and handing them to me. He did this in Best Buy the other day and now my debit card is missing. (Another great activity!)

He throws everything.

He runs away everytime we say 'I'm gonna get you!'

Yesterday, he would stick a screw down the vent and then... smile... clap... 'YAY!!!'...  (how can I be mad at that!)

He knows more in sign language. At least I think so. One day I asked Sawyer if he wanted more and he put all 10 of his fingers together. He would do it every time I said more. Now Everett does it whenever he's hungry... except he will open one hand and point to his palm with his pointer finger on the other hand and say 'ehh ehh'... so I guess he doesn't know more in sign language... he just knows how to tell me he's hungry in Everett language. Either way, I think it's genius.

I love Everett so much and I love that he's turning into such a smart kid!

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  1. Skills. I don't think I could even balance marbles on dice like that!