Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last Saturday was weirdly warm so I mowed our new (and entirely GIGANTIC!!!) lawn. It's so huge... like we-need-a-riding-lawnmower huge! (Huge!) But I'm not complaining... I secretly love outside exercise (that's why I was mowing and Jake was chatting with the neighbor.. so typical). Anyways... Jake brought me a glass of water and I gulped down the entire thing and left the glass on the deck.

Wednesday morning the glass was half full of rainwater. I swear it rains for days at a time without stopping. (I also secretly love the rain because it makes everything so green and beautiful!)

Everett loves the rain, too. Well, not really. He hates being stuck inside when it's raining... but when it's not raining you can find him outside splashing it the water. So that's why my crazy boy is playing in the freezing, cold rainwater puddles on a mid-October morning.



I guess I don't have to worry what we'll do all Winter... we'll do the same things we did all Summer, just at a different temperature!

(He's so dedicated to his full time job as a BOY!)

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  1. The last picture of everett cracks me up. He looks like such a big kid there.