Monday, October 17, 2011

Today Everyday

Today was one of those Fall days that you only dream about.
It was bright and crisp this morning. Perfect for a little bike ride around the neighborhood.

It was so cold that we could see our breath...

(Everett was spinning brodies in the street... backwards. He's a crack up!)

When we couldn't feel our fingers anymore, we went in and Everett took a nap. He woke up the happiest little boy ever. He was running circles around his crib. And then he threw SMU out of his crib and tried to follow:

 The afternoon was pretty dreamy as well. We played outside for hours... in our T-shirts! It was so warm, it was perfect.

And I hear tomorrow will be even better than today... which is great because I could live today everyday! (And I'm sure this little person wouldn't mind either!)

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