Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Under Construction

When your house in under construction you eat dinner on the floor...

...or at the baby table...

...and you use a screw driver as a spoon...

It seems like moving in has taken forever... and it has. We lost almost 1,000 sq ft and a two car garage so it's taken a while to find a place for everything. And we've been doing projects that interfere with putting things away... like taking down some kitchen cabinets:

Having a child doesn't help either. Our bedroom just has a regular sized closet and I wanted to fit all of our clothes in there, so we made some built-in shelves from things we found around the house. Everett was right there with us every step of the way...

He filled every hole he could reach with a screw.

We've been staying up WAAAAY past our bedtime trying to get things finished... we are so impatient. In fact, Jake is installing a reverse osmosis system as I type. (The water REALLY hurts my stomach).

But, we are 70% moved in and we feel right at home (and the dog smell is slowly dissipating- yay!).


  1. It seems that after WASHING something to get the smell out, the smell gets worse before it gets better. The smoke smell in our van was the same way, and its nearly gone now. I can't wait to see all your projects!

  2. Smart move taking out the cabinets. It looks great! Opened up the kitchen a lot. congratulations on the new house and I can't wait to see how cute you get it set up! =)