Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will You?

Did you know that when you workout you will burn 30% more calories for the next 24 hours? Pretty good incentive to workout, huh?!

At the gym, we often joke about what we'll be able to eat after our workout. Things like brownies with frosting, beer, peanut buster parfait, onion rings, and cheesecake are often blurted out.

It's no lie that I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I LOVE IT!!! All day I look forward to working out. And when you're only 5'2" it's a necessity to burn 30% more calories all of the time (because 5 pounds on a short girl looks like 15 on a tall one) and I LIKE TO EAT! Plus, someone my age, weight, height, and gender should only eat 1,588 calories a day to maintain the same weight (if they didn't workout) and that's not very much food!

So, a few months ago I asked a friend about this nifty watch he has that tracks your heart rate, running distance, pace, and calories burned. I asked him where I could get one. He said that he had two and would sell me one (he bought one and then a month later they came out with a super nifty one). He sold me his old one for 1/2 the price he bought it for and it's the coolest thing ever.

I use it at the gym to track my heart rate and calories burned.

That was bootcamp yesterday. I worked out for 1 hour 9 minutes, average heart rate was 162, and I burned 744 calories. Calories burned are, of course, directly related to your heart rate, weight, age, and gender. The more you weigh and the higher your heart rate- the more calories you will burn. (If you are desperate for a calorie comparison- heart rate (162), weight (115), age (25), gender (F) And I don't mess around. I workout hard at the gym. My heart rate got up to 193).

(That was bootcamp today)

There's a strap that comes with the watch that you strap around your breast plate which tracks your heart rate. It's the coolest thing because I can see my heart rate change instantly on the watch. It's definitely a motivator to keep my heart rate up.

Yesterday, when I took Everett on a bike ride to the park I wore my watch and chest strap. It kept my pace, distance, heart rate and calories. (6 miles to the park and back). I can't get enough of this gadget!

Did you know that one pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories? That's a lot of working out to do just to burn a pound.... but remember, if you workout everyday (and I mean REALLY workout) you will automatically boost your metabolism and burn 30% more calories all of the time and speed up the weight loss (if that's your goal). And if that's not motivation enough... I got this off of pinterest:


  1. Once you can get "into" working out it's super fun huh? And a wonderful stress release. I think winter will be a lot easier for you this year as long as you stay at the gym :-) Good job!!

  2. Good post Tyrell :D Very motivational actually... and I totally agree with the being short thing. It makes a HUGE difference.

  3. do you take Amber's bootcamp class? I've heard it's awesome... I might have to switch to evenings sometime... And cool watch!

  4. Oh neat! I would wear one but I would just be disappointed since the times I workout the hardest would count that as illegal gear lol. I had no idea about the burning extra calories! I eat all junk and still lost like 2-3 sizes in the past few months and wondered how working out only 2 or 3 times a week would cause is almost like working out daily then hahah!

  5. The Garmin is the most awesome gadget ever...but beware, you will (or maybe already have) become obsessive with those stinkin' numbers. Especially running. I am always more concerned with my pace and distance than heart rate, but really, that watch is so rad.
    for some reason it won't let me comment with my google account. boooo.