Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Photoshoot

My mom has been in town for the last few days. She came to visit us and to spend time with Everett.

We've been having a good time eating my mom's delicious food, shopping (at Ikea), and lounging around. On Friday we decided to take a few pictures.  

There is an old, abandoned lumber yard near our house so we stopped there first for a few graffiti pictures. Then we went to Point Defiance hoping to find lots of pretty Fall leaves.

It was a super dark, overcast, and rainy day but we managed to get a few good pictures.

(Everett gives real kisses now. It's the sweetest thing!)

The next picture just cracks me up. Everett is always making funny faces or just being a punk and this time it was pretty funny.

We went by the duck pond and Everett went into a trance. He would not look at the camera for anything... he was obsessed with the ducks!

The clouds couldn't hold the water back any longer and it started to rain. I'm so glad we were able to take these pictures because I know I will treasure them forever.


  1. These are so sweet! You totally look so much like your Mom Tyrell!

  2. Lori is so beautiful. I miss you both!

  3. He's really cute! I especially love that big grin when (I assume) he's looking at the ducks! And in response to your other post about the terrible twos. . . they really are terrible. And some days are really hard. Jace's terrible twos have now advanced into the terrible threes. But then they do something cute (like the huge duck grin) and you remember why you love them so so much!