Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Love Thanksgiving

I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving. I know there's a lot of people out there that might think it's a silly holiday... but I love it.

I love watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I love making the pies, I love setting the table, I love the eating, and I love the leftovers, I love the day after... I just love everything about Thanksgiving.

This year I was in charge of the ham, dinner rolls, pies, and setting the table. I did my grocery shopping a little late and I couldn't find pecans at three different stores so I opted to make a chocolate pudding pie instead. As I was looking for the chocolate pie ingredients I found a bag of pecans, so I made pecan pie too. (My favorite pie ever because it basically has three ingredients. Butter, pecans, and sugar. Mmmmmmm!)

I woke up Thursday morning and started on my pies and rolls right away (while watching the parade, of course). If there was one thing I had to pick to eat for the rest of my life... it would be my Mom's homemade dinner rolls. Oh baby, they're goooood. But I haven't made them enough to figure out how to make them the same way as her. I have the recipe... but not the touch.

My problem this time... I think I let them rise too much.

And then I made them into the size of miniature loaves of bread.

Oh well. I have the next 20 years to figure it out. On the other hand, the pies turned out pretty well. 

Thanksgiving dinner was great.

Everett laid down for a nap right as we were about to eat and slept long enough for us to play a few rounds of Scribblish with the whole family. I love small miracles.

Thanksgiving definitely delivered this year. I love Thanksgiving!

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