Monday, November 28, 2011

One Point Five

Yesterday officially marked Everett's 18 month birthday.

Here's a little bit of what I want to remember about 18-month-old Everett.

He LOVES his pacifier and won't hand it over for anything.
He throws his dirty diapers away for us.
Loves to wash his hands with soap and loves to put lotion on.
He really doesn't say much at all. Pretty much just 'ball'. He points at the Christmas tree and says, "baw? baw?" while pointing at the ornaments. It's pretty cute.
He's been kicking me in the face when I change his diaper and is constantly hitting everything/everyone. Any emotion (other than happy) is followed by hitting... especially mad and scared.
He screams at the highest pitch possible for a human kid voice. (seriously) It leaves our ears ringing. Hitting and screaming are usually combined when he gets frustrated.
He prefers to play with really small non-baby-proof items. (like screws, nails, marbles, little Lego's, cd's...)
Favorite food is syrup... I mean pancakes and french toast.
Favorite things to drink are orange juice and milk.
He is mighty handsome.
Still has major poo problems.
Likes for us to clap our hands when he does something good.
Still loves to play in/with water and to be outside.
Won't sit though more than five words of a book.
Really, really likes to play with cars, trucks, and especially trains...
Dances to music and likes to stomp his feet. He'll run into his room and turn the radio on and stomp his feet.
Is obsessed with taking the batteries out of the remote and trying to put them back it.
LOVES to flush the toilet.
Favorite cartoon is Chuggington and favorite movie is Cars.
Favorite meal is breakfast. Can anyone say Cinnamon Life cereal?
He understands pretty much everything we tell him.
He knows what buttons to push on the microwave when he helps Dad heat up his milk and MiraLax before bed.
He knows when to say 'amen' during prayers... but just says 'ehh' instead.
He likes to rub, slap, pinch his tummy when his shirt is off.
He pretends to sneeze and cough after we sneeze or cough. He'll also make the "Mmmmm" noise after I try to convince him that the food it good.
He still makes my heart explode with love every once in a while.

-Trying to put a train together on Thanksgiving day-

Jake and his dad were working on our house on Black Friday. They were taking out the dropped ceiling in our kitchen and re-vaulting it (and putting in can lights)... so we didn't have any electricity or heat and the front door and windows were open because there was a lot of construction dust... so basically Everett and I hid out in his room, the bathtub, and the gym all day. To pass the time I let Everett open a Christmas gift early... Elefun.

He was WAAAY more interested in putting the batteries in, putting the trunk on/taking it off, dumping out the butterflies/putting them back in... than anything else. Which is typical Everett.

Once, one of his battery-operated toys wasn't working and he took it to Jake. Jake told him it was broken.... so Everett went into the laundry room (where the tools are) and brought back a screw driver. He took the toy back from Jake and started to try and unscrew the battery plate. We looked at each other and smiled. He is so smart!

We love little Everett so much! Sometime he's a little too much for us and we don't know what to do for/with him... but eventually we'll figure it out. Hopefully.


  1. SO CUTE!!! I love this post! What a cutie pie :) And I think you guys are amazing parents :)

  2. I am in shock with how fast time flies!!
    18 months! wow

  3. 17 month sawyer wants to play with 18 month Everett please. He seems like fun. Sawyer gets mad when we don't let him throw his diapers away too, its so funny!

  4. so very cute. one year olds are so fun. except at church...yeah for nursery! :)