Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday Snow

We woke up to snow Saturday morning.

I'm pretty sure Everett thought it was amazing!

Gotta love the socks on his hands... and the snow on the front tires!

This next picture makes me laugh so hard. He kept getting stuck and he was getting so mad. Serves him right... it's our neighbors yard and I told him not to go in it. (But our neighbors don't mind)

We had a pretty good time in the snow. It didn't stay long though. It was all melted by noon and then the sun even came out for a second during senior pictures.


  1. Whoaaaa! That last picture is awesome! Sawyer didn't wake up in time for snow, I hope he get to have that kind of fun later in the season :) Everett looks so cute in that hat!

  2. I didn't see any snow at all this weekend.. where was i?