Thursday, November 17, 2011


Monday morning brought quite the excitement. By 7 a.m. the tree guys were already to work on our beast of a tree. My favorite neighbor (Sandy) called Jake on his cell phone and said how jealous she was of our new front yard.

One guy climbed the tree and cut the branches as he went. Two more were on the ground shoving the branches into the shredder. They had to make three trips to the yard waste dump from the branches alone.

When they cut that last section of the tree down I thought it fell right on top of our house. It was SO loud and the ground shook. It was intense. Thankfully it landed perfectly in our yard.

While one guy was grinding the stump in our yard... the other guys were cutting down three trees in Sandy's yard! What can I say, we're trendsetters! The neighborhood looks SO much better already and the sunshine in our house is amazing.

We have sawdust everywhere. Our front yard has huge piles everywhere, our roof is covered, and we even have sawdust on our back patio.

Monday night Jake called a friend to help him roll the logs into our backyard. 

The biggest piece is 43 inches across and I counted 55 rings on it!

Jake is going to split the wood and hopefully we'll sell it next year and make some of our money back.

All I have to say is goodbye tree...

...hello house!

Although this was a huge step in making our house look better, we're still going to paint our house a different color, paint the front door, add shudders, built a front porch, and plant new bushes. It's going to look great... one step at a time.


  1. Smart choice! It really looks great down. =)

  2. Wow! Huge change! Your house looks fantastic.

  3. wow! That looks like a fun job. I wish I was handy with a chainsaw because I want to climb trees. I like trees but they are so dangerous in wind storms! A lot of trees in my parents' neighborhood have fallen on houses. Your yard looks much bigger too.I can't wait to see the changes you guys make!