Friday, November 11, 2011

Unlucky Number

Today was a very unlucky day. Quite crappy, actually.

It started early, too. At 4:30 Everett woke up and ended up in our bed. He played bulldozer for an hour before he fell back asleep. Then, this morning when Jake asked him to give me a kiss, he leaned in and clawed my face leaving an inch long scratch that stung for hours. I know I sound a little over dramatic... but he's kind-of a punk.

Parts of me want to fast forward through the next few years... you know, the terrible two's. I'm declaring that they've started.

The sad thing is that nobody really knows what he's like except for Jake and I. I'm sure this is true about most kids... but he was a totally different kid when my mom was here. In fact, he wouldn't even show my mom his tricks when she was here.

"Where's your head?"

"Where's your mouth?"

"How do you say more?" (his version of sign language)

And, of course, his foot is on the counter the whole time. He does that a lot... he's been doing it since January.

Nobody likes to complain (or read complaints) but I have to be honest and portray how I feel sometimes. I'm a little nervous for the next few years... especially if they're anything like today.


  1. I know! I see a ton of people having babies the past few weeks and I'm like "aww they are cute, I want one" but then I'm like...wait...I do not want another toddler and that is what those cute little blobs turn into!

  2. I. HEAR. YA!!!!!! Seriously. Everyone thinks Kennedi is an ANGEL. She is....sometimes. All the other times, not so much. And you don't want me to get started on Kaden. hahahahaha. Oh dear.
    The joys of parenthood. It is so fun, and so hard, all at the same is that possible?!?!?!
    I love how you keep it real on your blog. It isn't just a "brag" blog like most peoples. It is real life. :)

  3. Fooooor real. I love being a Mom. Really I do. But I often dream of the day, when my kids are all grown up... and I get to be a kid again lol :)