Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

Christmas morning started early again this year.... but not as early as last year! The neighbor dogs started barking at 5 this morning so we just started opening our presents hours and hours before the sun came up.

We had Everett open his stocking first. A Scooby Doo toothbrush.... matchbox cars... and trains!!!!!

And we didn't see Everett for the rest of the day!

He was so content with his cars and trains that he pushed the rest of his presents off the couch so he'd have more room to play with his cars. I even got him Mega Bloks and he didn't want to touch them!

So Jake and I opened our stockings from each other. 

I totally and completely surprised Jake this year with a GoPro camera. He's wanted one for a long time so I thought I would get it for him. 

There is a funny story behind the Christmas gifts we got each other this year. I went to Best Buy to buy his gift and as Ev and I were driving out of the parking lot we saw Jake pull in. He made some lame excuse that he was buying some Disney movies for Everett but I knew he was buying the lens I asked for! I could hardly wait for Christmas to open it!

picture with old lens/picture with new lens

Jake also bought me a camera bag that's pretty awesome!

Jake bought a surprise gift for Everett that I didn't even know about. It was huge and Jake was SO excited for Everett to open it (and love it) but Everett was not interested in anything but his cars and trains. So we had to drive his little cars down the couch, across the carpet, and onto the box just so Everett would pay attention to it. He did have a pretty good time ripping the paper off...

And it was a baby four wheeler!

It's the cutest thing ever. (Jake said that this was the boy version. It was this blue and purple one or Dora the explorer.) It's battery operated so he's a little unsure of it still. Maybe in a few days he'll play with it more... for now he keeps a comfortable distance...

It was still dark when we were done opening presents. 

A few hours later we went to church and then ate another batch of Jake's Christmas nachos.... and cookies and candy!

It was a good day. We were all pretty tired but it was still nice to spend time together as a family and celebrate Christmas. 

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