Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Come Again Another Day

Ev and I went for a bike ride the other day. It's been an unusually nice and sunny winter. But it's also been very cold so I put on a sweet ear warmer that my little sister made for me before heading out the door. I stuck my favorite hat on Everett (even though it looks like a girl hat... okay, okay it actually was mine in high school but who cares!!!!) The hat is so cute on him and he was so excited to go for a bike ride that I wanted to snap a quick picture with my phone.

I asked him to smile:

LOL! If smiling means show all your teeth and cry then mission accomplished!

When we got back from our bike ride I wanted to take a picture of my awesome new ear warmer. I pulled out my phone and Ev was right there ready to click the button a million times... which he did:

(All those pictures and there isn't even a good one of my ear warmer. Oh well, there's about 10 good funny faces though!)

He loved clicking the button so much he had to do it later with dad, too:

These pictures crack me up!

We always have good times on our bike rides but it doesn't look like we'll be taking any rides for a while. It's supposed to rain for the next.... well, FOREVER! I made a little song about it: 

I looked out the window and what did I see? 
Rain in the forecast for eternity...

Although tonight there was a little thunder and lightning and that always makes the rain more fun. Wish me luck as we enter the dark days...

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  1. Seriously.. the dark days describe it perfectly! Haha. And I LOOOOOOVE that cute owl hat!