Sunday, December 18, 2011

Five, Six, Seven

The fifth day of Christmas was hilarious and depressing.
Friday was Jake's work party. We went out with FIVE other couples to Duke's Chowder House. We had a good time- I haven't laughed that hard in so long! But I wasn't laughing earlier that morning when I discovered that the scale was FIVE pounds heavier than normal. Yikes!

Apparently I got over it because on the sixth day of Christmas I made SIX different cookies and delivered them to SIX friends. 

I made two different kinds of brownies. The first kind was supposed to be in the shape of a tart with a pecan glaze on top but ended up being more like chewy, square brownies with pecan pie on top... lol... but they were still delicious (to me at least!). 

The second kind of brownies had York peppermint patties chopped up in the batter with melted chocolate and candy cane pieces on top.

 I made my favorite holiday bark (white chocolate, pretzels, and Christmas M&M's) and almond toffee.

Christmas tree sugar cookies with mint frosting and sprinkles....

...AND Oreo truffles.

It was intense. Making six different treats that all had multiple steps/stages was quite a task. But it's the season of giving, right? Well, I was so eager to deliver these treats that took me FOREVER to make and the two neighbors I wanted to give them to were both gone and two of the friends were out of town for the night... so we only ended up giving two plates out. I was Mrs. Mcscrooge because I worked so hard to give and nobody was receiving. 

Then we went to our ward Christmas party and one neighbor was home when we got back. We'll drop the other three plates off later today... after we watch this SEVEN minute Charlie Brown Christmas youtube video to celebrate the SEVENTH day of Christmas!


  1. Ahhh! They were oreo! I wanted to make oreo truffles but made oreos in cookies instead. Anyway when I tasted what I thought was a cake ball, turned out to taste like oreo and cream cheese and was amazing. Mmmmmmm.

  2. Want to eat my screen all those treats look so delicious!