Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I took two years of German in high school... but that pretty much means nothing. However, I do remember that the word 'no' is roughly translated to 'nein' which sounds like nine in English. 

Sooo.... what I'm getting at it that we did 'no'thing for the ninth day of Christmas. 

But we did find Dad's old iPod (that only holds a charge for a few songs) and we rocked out. Everett LOVED putting the earphones up to his ears... every time he did he would open his eyes really wide. It was awesome. My favorite was when he would move my hair out of the way and put the earphones in my ears. He's such a sweet little boy. 

And then we pretended it was a phone. 

I love this little boy and his fascination with music. Now he only watches cartoons for the very beginning when they sing.... and then he makes me start the cartoon over again on the DVR so he can hear the songs again. 

He also loves our neighbor's Christmas lights. They blink... but very slowly... so when they turn off he will turn his palms up and shrug (like saying, 'where did they go?') and when they turn back on I say 'BOO' and he laughs so hard. It makes the best entertainment and his laughter warms my soul. 

So I guess we didn't do nothing after all...

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