Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shoe Lick, Bad Limp

Everett licked the bottom of his super dirty shoe.
He's usually pretty good about sitting down to put his shoes on before we leave the house. He will get his shoes and then sit down. I was tying his first shoe when he grabbed the other one and just licked it. He made an ugly face and then stuck out his tongue with a whole bunch of nasties on it.

He's a boy. 

If he doesn't have his pacifier in his mouth be will put anything else in there... apparently even the bottom of a shoe.

Speaking of shoes. I bought him a second pair of those sock/shoes for Christmas. They are like socks on top but they have rubber nubs on the bottom for traction and you can wear them outside. His first pair was size 18 mo. but he wore them out already and he has pretty big feet so I bought size 24 mo. this time. I think they might have been a little too big because he wore them to the gym on Monday and walked out limping. He's been limping ever since and it's the saddest. thing. ever.     I think he rolled in ankle or something because he limps and he will walk on the outside of his foot with his toes up. His limp has gotten better but he's definitely still limping. He doesn't ever cry but I can tell it hurts. Poor little guy... and he can't even tell me what's wrong!

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  1. On July 4th, Kristi Campbell's littlest boy licked his way down their entire (dirty, disgusting) van. It left a little clean, wet stripe. It was awesome. So, it must be a boy thing!