Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twelve Handprint Wreath

For the twelfth day of Christmas we made a family wreath out of twelve hand prints. 4 of Jake's, 4 of mine, and 4 smeary, blurry hand prints of Everett's.

It's so cute! I love it and I'm sure I will cherish it as the years go by and remember when it was just the three of us (this is not an announcement... but I assume our family will get bigger at some point in the future).

And it even matches the new decorations I put up.

I was having some problems with our Christmas tree this year and the decorations just weren't working for me... so I re-decorated and took the Christmas tree down yesterday. It seems like a silly thing to do but I just couldn't handle it anymore. (And I like the new decorations WAY better anyway!)

Since we didn't have a tree anymore I made a tree out of our presents... but then I decided to at least put a little tree on top...

Look at all that sunshine!!!! Ahhh, it's love!

I've loved celebrating the twelve days of Christmas with Jake and Everett this year. 

 We'll spend tonight with Jake's family eating a Chinese food feast and maybe I'll even let Jake open his new Christmas jammies tonight :). We've still got to make some cookies to set out for Santa and we might even make some hot chocolate and drive around town looking at Christmas lights! 

I love Christmas and spending time with my little family. They are the perfect gift!

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  1. Lol I can't believe you took down your tree. I've seen some pretty bad trees out there, yours was probably 20x better. Love the other decorations though :)