Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TWO Gingerbread Houses

On the second day of Christmas we made two gingerbread houses.

I grew up in a house of practicality. We always had the "Adidas" with two stripes instead of three, we hardly ever went out to eat, and we always snuck our own candy into the movie theater. Sometimes it's more practical to buy the off brand, it's almost always cheaper to grocery shop and cook vs. go out to eat, and $8 for bucket of popcorn is a little outrageous... but sometimes you just have to be impractial! So we made our gingerbread houses from scratch again this year. 

Everett helped me mix the dough... I mean watched some cartoons from the stove top while I mixed the dough.

Then we rolled out our dough, cut out our house pieces, baked them, and assembled the frames last night. 

Tonight we started with our bare houses...

...added a little candy, creativity, and Christmas music...

...and ended up with the best gingerbread houses yet!

This little beauty is mine. Complete with a Hershey kiss fence, a golden street lamp, and a Ritz walkway!

Not to mention the Cinnamon Life shake roof, the Red Vines shudders, and the gum drop wreath. 

But even with all of my bells and whistles it doesn't even compare to Jake's Christma-saurus house!

He is so creative! And check out that Hershey's tile roof... my house is jealous of the Christma-saurus house. 

We had so much fun building and decorating our gingerbread houses even though it took two nights and lots of wasted candy! 

We love our very impractical gingerbread houses!

*I'm often misunderstood on my blog. I don't hold grudges to my parents for being practical. They did the best they could to provide a great life for me. I'm just saying that sometimes it's totally fun and worth it to be impractical.... like making gingerbread when you could just buy a kit and wasting a lot of food for a little fun that you're just going to throw away in a few weeks!


  1. They look REALLY good! My favorite are the street lamp and the dinosaur. I love the random ritz amongst all the sweets. I love them so much I think I would make an all-ritz house!

  2. P.S. How did you get the licorice to stand up straight?

  3. My favorite is the street lamp. I'll totally be stealing this idea... Great houses!