Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bleeping Dogs

This is my blog... hear me roar!

Sometimes I feel like Jake and I are the minority around here for not having pets. Truth be told, we don't like pets and we probably won't ever have pets.

I totally understand the love somebody can have for a pet and the relationship that is there, but we aren't interested in everything else that comes with owning a pet. The cost, responsibility, smell, hair, burden... are not worth it to us. But apparently it's worth it to everyone else in our neighborhood.

Our favorite neighbor comes outside to talk to us any time we are out there... and she brings her dog and cat with. During Christmas, when I had garland wrapped around our light pole, the dog peed on it. Not once, but twice in the same conversation! (curse words!) During Fall, when we had tons of leaves on our grass, the dog pooped right in the leaves. I was thankful (*gag me with a spoon*) when she scooped up the stemming poo with leaves and tossed it across the street.

The neighbors (on both sides of us) each have two dogs.

One neighbor is good about keeping his dogs from extended periods of barking... but the other neighbor can tune out the sound of his dogs for hours and hours.

Pretty much the second neighbor was ruining our lives because his dogs were barking all night long and it was keeping us up. It was horrible. (Remember Christmas morning?... 5 am... because his bleeping dogs woke us up! On Christmas morning!!) Now he keeps his dogs in at night. I've been meaning to thank them for being responsible about their dogs (although I would word it a lot more kindly than that!) until their dogs broke through the fence this afternoon. They pooped 4 times in a matter of minutes and then started to dig themselves out of our yard. (grrrrrrr!)

I was tempted to just open the gate and let them run away... but I walked over and rang the neighbors doorbell instead.

I say, if you are going to own a pet, make sure it doesn't ruin your neighbors life, grass, or fence. Okay?!


  1. haha, you sound like my dad who hates when moses or my moms dogs bark because he feels bad for the neighbors... dang pets. I am a dog lover but I do think you need to be an owner that is respectful to neighbors.

  2. AH i am right there with you. I hate pets. I hate when people think they can bring them into stores and restaurants too because they're part of their "family". Unless they are wearing a service vest, get that smelly thing out! They use our store carpet as a restroom all the time. Blech. We have a little yapper behind us but they keep him in the house so I've only heard him a couple times when they let him out to ruin their yard (also gross to me).