Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice At The Gas Station :)

All that snow turned into ice...

We heard branches breaking off of trees and crashing to the ground all night... and all day. It's a good thing we cut that tree in our front yard down when we did. I have no doubt that the branches would be touching our roof if it were still there. Some of the trees in our 
neighborhood have branches so heavy that they are touching the ground. Even the little tree in our front yard is having trouble.

Our power went out again this morning and we're kind of just waiting for it to go out again. But I have to admit, the snow and ice do look pretty cool. 

In other news... Ev has the most horrible and absolutely worst smelling gas EVER right now. I'm not really sure whats going on in that little tummy of his... but its foul. And I'm trapped inside with him all day. I'm praying for some warm temperatures so I can breath fresh air again!

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