Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Snow Exciting!

It's been snowing for the last few days and it's been the best thing ever. 

I grew up in Colorado where it snowed a lot every Winter. Every Winter since we've lived in WA it snows once or twice (MAYBE three times) but it's always gone within a day or two. I happen to like the snow so it's nice that it's stuck around for the last few days. 

Jake called me this morning and told me that it would probably snow later today and that if I needed to go to the store that I should go sooner than later. I put together a menu and shopping list and headed to the store. I put the car in park and turned around to ask Everett if he was ready and he had fallen asleep on the way! 

So I turned around and went home. 

I just love a good snowy day. It's almost magical. I crawled into bed and read while Everett slept and the snow fell out my window. 

I love the excitement and beauty that snow brings, but above all,  I love how quite and still it makes everything. It's so peaceful. 

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