Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's A Win/Win

Somebody likes the movie Cars. 

He loves that movie so much that he's watched it, beginning to end, about 15 times in the last week. 

We still read books, put together train tracks, stack paint bottles, work on our words and animal noises, ride bikes, and go outside... but watching Cars is #1 on the list everyday.

I happen to love that he loves watching this movie. I think it's adorable that he has specific interests already... like cars. And it replaces the two hours a day he used to cry and throw fits... and I get some free time. It's a win/win. 

Everybody loves a win/win!


  1. I LOVE this! And yes, total win/win. TV is my win/win every. single. day. And personally, I think its awesome. My kids know I love them, I still spend time with them, but it provides a certain level of sanity! btw- I can't believe how grown up he is!

  2. Oh my I love it too. Every day Sawyer runs to the TV and demands "MELMO!" while pointing to it. We don't have cars but I think he watches it at daycare a lot so it must be "one of those movies". He loooves lighning mcqueen (he has some toys and clothes) but calls him "ne-no" for some reason I don't know. Maybe him and Everett can watch it together and I can figure it out lol.

  3. Kaden was OBSESSED with cars at that age. I think he watched it nearly every day for almost a year. I used to feel guilty, that I would love the tv so much. I wondered if I was letting it babysit my kid. It took me longer to come to the win/win conclusion. I too was still actively involved with him all day long. It's okay for chill time, and they need the chill time too. Now, I don't feel bad at all when they watch a little something on most days. We are all happier. :) There sure is something special about Cars. Beckham is starting to get the bug too...