Monday, January 2, 2012

Four-Day Weekend Fun

The last four days:

Friday. Jake turns 28.

Jake is a pretty special guy. Everyone knows it too. I've never met someone that doesn't like Jake (well, at least they've never told me (I know, and why would they?) but my point is that he is amazing and I'm extremely lucky to have him as my man.

He took a half day at work and was home by 3. We drove Everett out to visit his grandparents so that we could have the night to ourselves.

I had planned on getting Jake some clip-in bicycle shoes for his birthday but I wanted him to pick them out. He's been wanting some for the longest time so I thought I would surprise him with the idea and let him pick them out. We got to REI and Jake had no idea what I was getting him. He is a gear guy and would love to have one of everything in the store... so I took him to the cycle shoe section and told him to pick out a pair. There was a clearance table next to the cycle shoes so I took a look... and BAM! The most beautiful cycle shoes just in my size and they were 50% off.  It was love at first sight!

So we each got a pair of cycle shoes and we bought some cleats for Jake's shoes (because they only had one set left).

We headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for some birthday dinner. The wait was 45 minutes so we ended up opening his other present in the car.

Another pair of shoes! He's been wanting those forever too.

Dinner was amazing. We were kind-of smashed into a corner with a HUGE party of collage girls next to us with Hello Kitty birthday balloons making all kinds of noise... but we still had a good time. And we got stuffed.

Jake's 'birthday cake':

We walked around the mall afterwards and had the most amazing time people watching. It was intense! We tried out some sleep number beds and got the best white elephant gift EVER. We got a calendar of Hot Guys and Cuddly Baby Animals.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it. So stinkin' hilarious! (Just imagine... huge, ripped black guy with the tiniest kitten ever... snuggling. Hahaha) 

Jake's only other request for his birthday was to watch a movie really loud (since Everett was spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's). I can't even remember what we watched because it was one of those action packed-iron man-transformers-hulk-green lantern-batman-spiderman-superman kind of man movies. It was really good but I fell asleep. 

Happy birthday Jake! I'm lucky to have you!

Saturday. Run, Party

Saturday morning we slept in and then Jake went to pick up Everett while I cleaned the house. Everett fell asleep on the way home so I went on a run while Jake worked on the laundry room. (Remember how I gained 5 pounds eating Christmas cookies... well apparently my body wants to hang on to it because I worked out my regular 5, one hour classes last week AND ran 9 miles. Nothing. The scale it stuck. So I went for a 6 mile run on Saturday... totaling 15 extra miles for the week. All of the running I've been doing has been working because I'm faster... but I can't stop eating Christmas candy from my stocking so I guess it hasn't actually been working...) The run was great but a little chilly. I love running because it makes me feel alive... and strong!

 Other than that, it was a regular Saturday until Everett went back out to Grandma and Grandpa's to spend another night while Jake and I went to a New Year's party. It was a semi-formal party to begin with:

We ate lots of food and then had a super-hilarious, highly-inappropriate white elephant gift exchange... which are the best kind. A 45ish year-old mad opened our calendar and everyone died of laughter. Jake scored a fuzzy steering wheel cover with pink hearts embroidered on it and some cheetah print slippers! Oh, and a silky hair net. 

Later, everyone changed into pajama and played minute-to-win-it games. I had to drink that bottle of orange soda out of a newborn flow bottle. I lost the race by just a few drops! We had to stack chapstick with chopsticks, balance dice on a wooden stick in our mouth, Jake had to put gum balls into a sprite bottle only using his mouth... 

The games were really fun. We also played Rockband and other dance games on the Wii.

The night went by so fast. 

Right at midnight we let off fireworks in the rain and welcomed in the new year with some plastic glasses of Martinelli's. What a fun party. We stayed late and talked with our friends... we didn't get home until 3. 

Sunday. Church, Overwhelmed

I woke up with the sun and started preparing my lesson to teach the 4 year-olds at church. I got asked to teach them and felt extremely overwhelmed when I learned that 10 of them come every Sunday and 2 more come occasionally. 

It was crazy. I did hear some pretty hilarious and totally random things come out of their little mouths whenever they raised their hands. 

From a little girl: "Someday, when I get big, I want little baby girls to come out of my tummy."
From a boy: "Teacher, when I get big and when I get rich I can buy fast cars."
Girl: "My mom says that if I don't clean my room the gunny sack monster will eat my toys."
Girl: "I have candy canes on my tights."
Boy: "I was wrestling on the floor with my puppy and he scratched me right here" (pointing to his cheek)

At the end of church I asked to teach an older class because they were just too much for me. Next week I have the 8-year-olds.

Grandma and Grandpa dropped Everett off at church. It was so good to see him because we hadn't seen him nearly as much as we are used to. It's amazing how much I missed him for those two nights. 

Monday. Ikea, Cheesecake Factory

Everett and I played trucks all morning and played outside for a while while Jake worked on the laundry room again. Everett took a crazy long nap (it makes me wonder it he stayed up for new years too! :) and then we went to Ikea to check out their kitchen cabinets. 

We love the white. I'm 90% sure we will get the Ikea cabinets when we are ready to re-do our kitchen. I heard a rumor that the cabinets go on sale in the Spring and Fall so maybe we will have a new kitchen in the next year or two.

We drove all the way to Ikea (an hour drive) and we were only there for a half hour... so we wanted to make sure the drive was worth our while... so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory again (just a few miles from Ikea)!

The wait was 45 minutes again, but it was worth it! Everett has been SUCH a good little boy the last few weeks and surprised us (once again) and was completely enjoyable the entire evening. I love this little person!

Since we were at the exact same place we were on Friday night, we decided to see if REI had a pair of cleats for my cycle shoes. While they were looking for the cleats, Jake took Everett for a ride on a little bike. 

Everett loves bikes so much. This little bike doesn't have any peddles and it's supposed to be a training bike so that the little person learns how to balance on two wheels while scooting instead of having to go through the training wheel stage. It even has rubber ends on the handle bars for when they get off the bike and it falls over. Genius. 

Well, REI didn't have any more cleats (I guess we bought the last pair on Friday night) but they did have this awesome helmet we found on the clearance table for Everett. 

It's a kids XS and fits him perfect... and it was 50%!!! I love when this happens! My sister (Montana) was telling me (the last time I was in Portland) that kids need to wear helmets even when they are riding in the bike trailer. So now we are safe! Now we just need a watermelon nutcase in my size!

We had such a great 4-day weekend. 


  1. That's like 3 Cheesecake Factory visits in one month- Heck yes! You guys should come over soon.

  2. Tyrell!!!

    1. You got a calling? lol you just said you hope they keep forgetting about you lol ;)
    2. Wowzers, you must love cheesecake factory! We have only been once, but really enjoyed it when we went. I think we would go more if I liked cheesecake... I know I am weird!!!
    3. You looked SO cute in your black dress you wore to the party... and that party looked fun!
    4. Happy birthday Jake! Nate wants to buy you another weapon lol


  3. First of all, you guys are ADORABLE! You look A-MAZING! Second, LOVE that helmet! I need three of them... for my three nutty melon heads. And Third.... I need you to come over and give me a Cricut 101 class. Sound good? Last, of course... I just loved this post. What a fun weekend, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jake!