Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Look

Okay, So I've spent the last several hours working on making a new header and background for my blog and I just don't have the skills necessary to make a good-enough looking blog for myself. Blog stuff is so complicated! So I've temporarily changed my blog to look like it does now. If you hate it and can't stand it please let me know... I happen to love it... maybe because I'm a sucker for collages. (Mine pops up on the flip card setting... it looks like you can change it to classic or any of the other settings (top left))

But if it's complicated and just not worth your blog-reading time I will call on the expertise of my good friend (who is genius with photoshop) and I'm sure I could sweet talk her into making me something gorgeous for my blog. (Or I could just use a pre-made template.... Ha! Now there's an idea!)

So let me know. 


  1. I think it is so fun! I kept looking through all of your photos trying to remember if I had read that post or not. It was fun to scroll way down and see tiny Everett. He is still as cute as ever!

  2. So since I am subscribed, it just popped up to this post and I had no idea what you were talking about...then I found the "X" in the upper right corner and saw that collage- it is definitely cool!

  3. I love it. I'd say you're really good at the blog stuff. It looks great and so do you!

  4. haha I love you Tyrell (is it wrong to assume who you are talking about here hehe) It looks awesome although I would love to create something for you just let me know what your thinking and im on it!

  5. How funny, we've been in bed all night working on a new header for my blog too. Tis' the season! Okay here are my thoughts:
    1. IT'S AWESOME!!
    2. I love that it's a visual representation of your blog and your life.
    3. It's something totally new that I haven't seen before.
    4. I can't read it on my iPad. :( But I can read it on my laptop, so I'll survive!

  6. Looks good. When it's time for a new look, click my name :)