Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Words, Tall Towers, Jump Rope Wounds, And Jake's Joke Beard

So I have a few baby/toddler books that I flip through every couple of weeks. I've learned a lot about babies/toddlers and they've really helped me have patience raising Everett because they help me to know and understand certain behaviors and milestones that are typical for his age. 

There is one problem though... he's hasn't reached the 'talking' milestones for the last several months. (Everett is 19 months and 1 week)
For example: 16.5 months he should have been able to say 2 words. He does say Mommy but never, ever when you ask him. He doesn't even say it to me... he'll just randomly say it whenever.

He can make the sounds that a cow, dog, cat, bird, and a lion make and he can make the sounds of the word please (eeeeee's) but that is about all the talking he does. Perhaps he will be a 'late bloomer' when it comes to talking. 

 On the other hand, he's right on 'schedule' for almost everything else and he's super advanced in other areas.  For example: he should be able to use a spoon/fork (but not exclusively). He's been using a spoon and a fork exclusively since he was 10 months. Also by 19.5 months he may even be able to build a tower of 6 cubes... he hit that ages ago. 

Oh, and did I mention that he can even stack paint bottles?!

He can do the shape sorter toy with only one or two mistakes and he can even stack the little tiny Lego's. 
His eye-hand coordination is amazing... I just wish some of that would rub off on his language skills! I know that he will eventually talk, I'm just starting to get a little concerned at how long it will be before he does. At his 18 month check-up, the Dr. said that he'll only start to get concerned if he still hasn't started talking by age 2. 

But I shouldn't be too hard on him because I still haven't even learned how to jump rope!

 Yeah! Who does that?! I think that the jump ropes at bootcamp are a little too long for little ol' shorty because I got myself pretty good a few times.

And just because Jake's grandpa said that there aren't enough pictures of Jake and I on the blog...



  1. Don't stress about Everett. Kaden was just like that. His coordination was incredible, he could stack anything, climb anything, balance anything, do puzzles, etc. but his speech seemed so slow. Now, he won't stop talking and his vocabulary is far above most kids his age. Not that you are worried, but just letting you know he's going to be talking your ear off any day.

  2. Isaac was the same way until this past month and then BOOM, he started and hasn't stopped! I'm guessing it will be the same for Everett! It's like a light bulb went off - hey, I can tell these people what I want they will give it to me and also get really excited about it! :)
    - Jennifer

    PS I love reading your blog!

  3. Everett will be 'a. okay!' everyone learns and develops at different times. For example.... during my entire pregnancy when it said... "you should be feeling this, that or whatever.." i never had that symptom. then like 4 months later I had all those symptoms even when the books said I shouldn't LOL

    everett is way smart. I saw him playing with cards and blocks and all that fun stuff 2 days ago! he will start rambling words soon!