Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NOT Enjoying The Journey

I've got the blues... the construction blues. 

You know how some things get worse before they get better?... well that's our house. 

We've been working like mad to make the house ours and look/live the way that we want it to look/live but I'm having a hard time 'enjoying the journey'.

In the last few months we have taken out the wall dividing the kitchen and living room, framed in a laundry room (the W/D are currently in the garage), ripped out the kitchen ceiling and re-vaulted it, put in 8 new lights and 3 new switches, taken out the pantry and linen closet (to make our kitchen bigger and so that we'll have room for an island), cut kitchen cabinets in half, and we had the monstrous tree in our front yard removed. Besides the sheetrock, studs, lots of wire, some outlet boxes, and the tree removal... we haven't had to spend a whole lot of money. But here is the problem: everything else is pretty spendy. 

Jake has spent a lot of time working on taping the wall in the laundry room (getting ready for texture) and he said it's just not worth his time to tape and texture the vaulted ceiling. We haven't gotten a bid for the job yet but we figure it will be worth it since a professional should be able to match the rest of the ceiling. Here is how bad it currently looks with just the sheetrock on it:

Jake wants the ceiling to be done before the kitchen or flooring. So ceiling first. Then a new kitchen. New cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. Well, have you ever priced out a new kitchen? Holy break the bank! So this is what we did for the time being:

And that looks DAMN good for how it's looked for the last few months!

(This was in the middle of getting rid of the pantry.) See how getting rid of the pantry opened up the space?... but we also lost a ton of storage. I had to get a little creative. I also couldn't stand the microwave on top of the fridge for one more day so we put it behind the kitchen table:

Hello ghetto!!! (And we DO cry over spilled milk in this house!)

I had been trying to convince Jake to cut one of our wall cabinets in half (so we could mount the microwave in-between it) FOR MONTHS! He was being such a punk about it.... he just didn't think it would work. On Saturday he promised that he would do it for me. I helped him cut it in half and he did everything else. 

We took the cabinet that went over the vent from before:

  And mounted that and the microwave between the two halves. It looks so much better now!!! (Jake has since repented for not seeing the potential in cutting the cabinet in half ;-)

And we can't do anything with the floor until we get new cabinets. (An island is going where the blue tape is and the stove will go under the microwave and the bar will go away.) So that is why our house is a giant disaster. So we basically can't do one project without doing the other and the cost to do them all at once is astronomical.

Our house has gotten much worse since we've moved in. I mean LOOK AT THAT FLOOR! Carpet, curling laminate, carpet. Check out the wall and ceiling. 

I feel like I might be enjoying the journey if I knew when it would end. And the worst part... the outside looks almost as bad as the inside. We have a giant hole in our front yard where tree roots used to be. 

I've got the blues... the construction blues. 


  1. Best part in this blog is when you said DAMN GOOD LOL. Hang in there!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Jill is truly my daughter, cause I was going to say THE EXACT SAME THING that she did!!!! PS. thanks for the tree info, got one! :) House improving costs so much dang money!!

  3. I'm laughing right now... cuz you totally use the same word I do when I want to make a point haha! And I think honestly, your kitchen looks awesome! I know its a process, but you will get there! It took me like two and a half years till I was finally like "Ok... this house is looking like me." And the whole time everyone else was all "its fine the way it is!" ... basically I understand your frustration, and can't wait to see your vision completed piece by piece! So grab a bag of chocolate, take a deep breath, and know it will ALL come together sooner than you may think :D

  4. It looks good! Well, it will look good- I like how you have everything laid out! I would just have said "screw it" from the start and lived with what it came with so you are already way ahead of me LOL