Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We woke up to lots of snow this morning! It was so beautiful. 

I felt a little guilty that Ev and I hadn't really played in the snow yet. Turns out Ev isn't all that interested in it... especially when it's too deep to walk in or ride your bike in.... and when you don't have snow pants or a sled. Then it's just cold, wet white stuff. 

So he sat on his bike and watched as I made a snowlady. 

Maybe he'll like it next year... or the year after that. Or maybe we should just get a sled and then maybe he'd like it. 

Jake went to work this morning so we were left with a 2-wheel drive car and the un-paved roads. We didn't go anywhere. We were super excited when Jake came home... but then (literally) 5 minutes after he walked through the door the power went out. We had cold sandwiches and crackers for dinner, cold milk before bed, and we dressed Ev in two layers of pajamas.... after building block towers, coloring, and reading books by candlelight. 

I'm not sure if Ev is a big fan of these Winter adventures. Good thing they only happen once or twice a year. 

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