Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adding A Little Super To My Foods

A few years ago I ripped a page out of a magazine that had some 'super foods' listed on it (and why they were good for you) and I put it on the side of my fridge. Since then I've tried to eat at least one food on that list a week. 

Some of the foods on the list were:
Sweet potatoes/carrots/butternut squash
Flax seed
Olive oil
Red grapes
And several others that I can't remember (my list is long gone... if you saw our kitchen you'd understand :)

Yes, eating at least one of those foods seems like a super attainable goal, but I'm sure some weeks I didn't make it. But over the years I've learned how to eat/cook a bit healthier and I'm almost positive I eat at least one super food a week... even though I've started to try to eat them daily. 

I'm pretty proud of myself actually. 

Here are some of my favorite (and almost picture-worthy) dinners... (90% of them had spinach or avocado).

I don't remember what this bad boy was called but it was sooooo good. I picked up some super-delicious bread from Safeway and then added turkey, ham, American cheese, spinach, and grated zucchini.... and then I grilled it. Best sandwich ever.

Spinach soup. It was actually really, really good. There was onion, leek, potato, spinach and a few seasonings in there. Very tasty and filling. 

I've tried several soups this winter and I've had really good luck. We even had cauliflower soup which was one of my favorites. 

Then the good ole' turkey burger. 

I found a very good, simple recipe (that includes Italian bread crumbs) and I love it. We didn't have any buns... which was fine... so I used Dave's Killer Bread instead. Has anyone ever had that bread? (You can get it at Costco, Trader Joes, and I think Safeway) It's organic and much better for you than my other favorite breads (milk and honey... buttermilk...). And it has 4g of fiber and 6g of protein in every slice. Healthy. Delicious. Add some avocado and spinach and the only non-super food is the mozzarella cheese. 

(We also had baked sweet potato fries that night. Holy moley those were GOOD! I ate them all for dinner... this turkey 'burger' was leftover lunch the next day. To make the fries... cut the potato into 'fries', toss them with olive oil, salt, and a little rosemary and roast them until they're done. SO GOOD!)

The other day I made fajitas and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't a big fan of sautéed peppers as a kid but this was delicious (to my grown-up taste). Chicken, red and yellow bell peppers, onion, cheese, and avocado. And the leftovers were just as good. 

And just to prove how far I've come... grilled ham and cheese isn't just ham and cheese anymore. It's ham and cheese with spinach and avocado on Dave's bread. 

I love avocados. It's a pretty big bummer when I pay all that money for a avocado and then I can't tell when it's ripe... so it just goes bad or I cut it open and it's still hard. But when I was at the store the other day (trying to pick out a ripe avocado by 'squeezing' it) a gentleman told me that you can tell when an avocado is ripe by pushing on this part:

It's kind-of like a soft spot on a baby's head. When it's soft, it's ripe. Genius. (He said "except if it's a thick skin avocado from California" but this one was from Mexico and he was right). It was perfect. 

We've been eating pretty healthy around here lately. Lots and lots of red grapes with lunch, flax seed and blueberries in our smoothies, roasted butternut squash and sweet potato fries, turkey, spinach, avocado... I have yet to work on the fish. One thing at a time... I'm getting there. 

When I made my *revised* grilled ham and cheese today for lunch... it almost became grilled ham and thumb. The cheese slicer had a hay day with my thumb. Two bandaids, some hydrogen peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, and some painters tape later... I was pretty good. I could feel my 'heartbeat' in my thumb for the rest of the day. Ouch

But I still managed to make dinner... and a good one at that. It was terribly un-healthy but I had a hankering for chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. I've never made chicken fried steak before (or anything fried for that matter) but it was so delicious it hurt. I even made the gravy. Good gravy! Ha. 

The only thing green on this plate was the glow of our dining room lights. 

I'm so proud of myself. So proud that sometimes I have to reward myself... like last night when I mixed up two parts Nutella, one part peanut butter and slathered it all over Ritz crackers. MMMMMmmmmmmmm!

You better go try it... after you eat some spinach!


  1. I want to come live at your house, pretty please with sugar on top?

  2. K. I'm coming over for dinner tonight. ;)