Monday, February 6, 2012

Dreaming Of A New Paint Color

Today was gorgeous! 

It was warm and sunny and I was in love. 

(Can you find Waldo?! Is that not the funniest thing?! He even has a walking stick and striped pants on!)

This weekend Jake and I did a lot of work on the house. The outside is starting to look a little better, but as I was outside working in the yard for most of the day, I couldn't help but dream about a new paint color...

... and grass instead of wood chips, a front porch, huge bushes replaced with smaller ones, a black front door, maybe even a little rock on each side of the garage door...

But right now my dream of having a laundry room is actually coming true. A good friend came over on Saturday and laid the tile in our teeny tiny used-to-be-a-closet of a laundry room. Jake and I did the grout tonight. Maybe by the end of the week we'll do a load of laundry in there. But just to be safe... maybe by the end of next week!


  1. LOL that painted house is hilarious for some reason. I like those colors too, but I like how it is now also. P.S. if you painted that on a new blank layer in photoshop (on top of the first picture), if you drop the mode from "normal" to "multiply" it should show the wood beams underneath and look more like a real house lol

  2. I love those colors! How fun would that be? I keep thinking about the front of our house too, and I'm SO SO STINKIN' GLAD I still have ALLLLL spring and summer this year to get those projects done! Bring it on, good weather! (And your Waldo is AWESOME lol!)