Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Few Cute Things

Well, I've been posting so much about how ugly our house is lately that I figured I'd share how cute some things actually are. Like the office/craft room. 

And Everett's bedroom...

Our bedroom isn't too bad either...

The color looks a little funky in the pictures... but it's actually a really pretty color. 

We haven't put the TV back up in the living room yet (because there is one in our bedroom and Everett L.O.V.E.S. watching cartoons in our bed in the morning) so I've been loving the TV-free fireplace!

Don't mind the white walls... they'll be painted in a month or so. I'm just waiting for the kitchen to be done before I choose a color... since the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one space. 

And that cute little thing by the window... he loves cars. SO much. 

He lines them up. Everyday. Just like his duckies. 

Just a few cute things around the house that I wanted to share. 


  1. Will you come decorate my house PLEASE?! Those rooms are so cute. I love your style. :) - jenn

  2. I read recently that you were a little concerned about Everett not talking. Keep in mind that Albert Einstein didn't talk until he was 4!
    Grandpa Foster

  3. Ok, did the office get moved back? I'm all mixed up now, but everything looks so nice! You know I love your style :)

  4. Love it! Your room looks good! I wish I could get away with a white comforter!