Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It Spells Love

Valentine's Day is kind-of a fun, little holiday. Everett was still miserably sick, but we managed to celebrate a little. We made Jake a really cool scratch Valentine's Day card. We also made a heart-shaped pizza:

(One half pepperoni and jalapeƱos and the other half pepperoni and pineapple)

...and heart-shaped strawberries to dip in chocolate ganache. 

Dinner was delish. The pizza was super tasty and the strawberries and chocolate HAS TO BE a new tradition. We also had salad. Salad schmalad. After dinner we exchanged gifts and it became obvious that we should have gifted each other Hooked-On-Phonics instead. 

It's an ongoing joke that Jake's muscles keep getting smaller. (Jake worked construction when we got married... now he works behind a desk.) So I was teasing him a little in his card... but really the joke was on me because I spelled muscles... mussels. Whoops.

(I gave Jake a few tools that he requested). 

Then I got this awesome drink dispenser that I asked for. 

 Jake added some of my favorite candy and a homemade card...

HA! Whoops again!

The best part of the card was a little note from Everett. 

 Everett accidentally spelled mom... most. Looks like we all need a built-in spell-checker! 

I love our little family and I love celebrating Valentine's Day together. Jake and Everett mean so much to me and I don't know how I could ever live without them. (Hopefully I don't ever have to!)

Happy Valentine's Day 2012... however you want to spell it.... 


  1. Oh my goodness this is soooo funny. The spelling stuff cracks me up! Glad it was a good day!

  2. I love this :) And cute drink dispenser!

  3. You do have such a cute little family! Spelling is totally overrated :)