Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puddle Jumping

 We haven't had this much fun in a long time. 

Everett was singing and dancing and having the best time stomping in the rain puddles. He kept pointing at me and then pointing to the other rain puddle. He wanted me to join in on the fun :) 

He would throw rocks in and watch the water ripple. 

He'd squat at one end of the puddle and then stand up and run through it. It's his version of ready, set, go and he thinks it's a race. 

He tripped and landed right in the puddle once. After the initial shock of cold water he was fine. He got right back up and splashed away. 

Then it started pouring on us. I had to pick him up like a 30-pound sack of potatoes (that kicked and screamed) just to get him inside. 

We were soaked but had a blast!




  1. That first picture was awesome! You are brave- I would never have put my camera that close to water LOL!

  2. ...I'm going to hire you to live with me and photograph my life. K?

  3. Seriously these are great pictures! You are so talented! Puddle jumping looks so fun!