Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweaty McSweater And Twisty Hip

I've recently been banned from Boot camp... and any other high impact activity. I'm only allowed to swim.... and maaaaaaybe cycle. 

My hips are twisted.

They've been twisted as long as I can remember but they've never given me any problems until 3 years ago. 

Basically they are twisted/rotated to where my left hip is up and back (kind-of like if my left leg were longer than my right). I played soccer and was a cheerleader in high school. I could always kick the soccer ball twice as far with my left leg and I was able to kick a lot higher with my left leg when cheering. I always thought it was kind-of weird but it never bothered me. 

When I started to run a few years ago, my hip would hurt a little while I ran, but that was it. It's gotten progressively worse over the years. During my first half marathon (last August) my hip was on fire. It was like someone rubbed icy hot all over it. I can't really remember well, but I think my hip was fine once I stopped running. 

It got worse and worse just from regular workouts at the gym to where it even hurt to sit. I remember the car ride to Oregon for my second race (in October)... I was squirming the entire 4 hour drive. It burned the whole race and the ride home was awful. 

The next day I went to the chiropractor for the first time in years. I described the pain as a 9 out of 10. Because my hips are wacky, it's caused four of my vertebrae to be out of alignment, which was making my back hurt too. In retrospect it sounds silly that I waited so long to get it checked out. I went to the chiropractor about 6 times in two weeks and it was feeling a lot better. Then my mom came into town (2nd day in November) and I canceled my appointment so I could pick her up at the airport... and I never rescheduled. You know how you just put things off... and then months go by... and you only get so many visits a year paid for by your insurance... and it's expensive... 

But then my hips got so bad that I couldn't walk without pain shooting up my left side and I couldn't sleep on my left side. Sitting was the worst my back hurt a lot. But I still went to the gym. I finally called and made an appointment and then the night before my appointment... SNOWMAGEDDON 2012! No one went anywhere for 4 days. I finally made it back about two weeks ago. Last Friday the Dr. put me on 'bed rest'. He said the only form of cardio exercise I can do is.... swimming. Since my skin is the perfect combo of pasty white and stretch mark, I choose not to swim. I begged to be able to ride my bike or go to cycle class at the gym. He said "maaaaaybe."

I came home from my chiropractic appointment last Friday and I felt depressed. Worse than that. Like I left an arm or a leg at his office or something. I love the gym and I love the people I associate with in the classes that I go to. I look forward to that hour of the day every single day. It's seriously the highlight of my day. And to have that taken away made me a little depressed. But I would be doing more damage than good by going to the gym against Dr's orders. So what did I do on Friday instead of boot camp?... I made sugar cookies and ate half of them. I did. And then I felt sick and depressed. Oh, why do I have so many problems?!

By Monday morning my hip was much better than I anticipated. I reported to the Dr. that I didn't do any sort of exercise at all and he was proud. I'm trying really hard not to mess up the progress he's making. 

So since I'm only able to do cycle... I've got to make it count. Today was so hard. I've never, ever been this sweaty. And I'm not even a sweat-er. I was soaked. 

I've been extra cautious about my form. There's so much to remember when it comes to cycle class but I know how important it is to keep everything aligned. 

My hip still hurts (about a 3 out of 10) and my back has been really sore but I'm getting better and I hope to be completely better soon. 

I've learned several lessons about my body and health lately. 

1. I'm not invincible
2. Pain doesn't go away when you 'ignore' it
3. My body didn't come with spare parts
4. My body is worth the cost of fixing
5. Use extra good form
6. Eat better

Number 6 is a real hard one for me. I love sugar. I think I'm addicted. But when it comes to health, so much of it depends on what you eat.... which is why it's so important. But I love sugar... and it loves me! 


  1. Twisted hips sounds like the worst thing in the world!! But I'm glad you can still get your work out on and it look great!

  2. I think that was the hardest spin class I've ever done... I was drenched myself! Get better soon!

  3. Oh that sounds painful! I am so sorry! Hopefully you will be back to your regular workouts soon, with non twisted hips, although it is a great nickname.:)

  4. You are making me squirm a bit here. I've been putting off a doc visit myself. That dumb bone sticking out in my foot. But I know it will probably mean surgery, and I'm not willing to give up the gym till I'm skinny again. I'm actually making progress.... and I refuse to stop. So I totally understand why you put it off. But your skinny-winney, and look totally awesome, so I'm glad you're getting all fixed up! And the sweat... maybe it's bad that I totally tell my story to go along with yours, but I am not a sweater either, and like EVERY day this week my pits have been SOAKED. Its gross, nasty, ick, my forehead drips onto my nose, my elbows drip sweat, and my legs get all clammy... but I've decided it means I'm doing something right. So cheers to cycling, running like crazy.... (and loving sugar and avoiding the doc!)Thanks for making me feel better :)

  5. Cycling is good stuff. I took a couple classes with Lael at LA (I think she's still there) because I had a class with her at Pierce and it was pretty tough. I cheated a few times lol. IDK how much your chiro is, but I know my parents and Destiny and Erik all go to Dr. Berry (by the graham fire station) and he is $30 a time if you don't go through insurance (though your first visit is $50) and they think he is the greatest miracle worker they've ever been to lol.