Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Clothes

I'm pretty sure I know why Everett was Captain Cranky for so long... he grew at least two inches in every direction. Growth spurt. 

And we are running out of clothes fast!

We squeezed him into our favorite version of his church clothes today. His black DC's, black pants, and a sweater vest (with his black batman t-shirt underneath!). I'm pretty sure every article of clothing on him was a size too small. 

It's just so hard to put the clothes that he's grown out of in the attic.... because once I put his clothes in a box, tape it off, and throw it up in the attic it's like accepting the fact that he's growing up and that he isn't a baby anymore. 

If I held his newborn outfit up to him I'm sure it would go from the bottom of his chin to his belly button... and then I would get really sad at how fast he's growing up. 

But really, I'm not sad.... it's just fun to think back to when he was so tiny. Actually, I love seeing Everett grow. His personality is so cute (and so is he) and I love his imagination. I much prefer his current age over any previous age... I hope I'll always say this!


  1. Love it, and his little t-shirt sleeves are so funny :) It is a pretty cute age, huh?

  2. I just went shopping for Maddox yesterday. They do grow SO fast. I love it and hate it all at the same time :)