Thursday, March 1, 2012


He LOVES bubbles. And bubble baths. 

Wait... it's more like BUB-OH's

At the end of nursery (at church) you can hear Everett yelling BUB-OH's! BUB-OH's! from down the hall. They blow bubbles for the nursery kids while they are waiting for the parents to pick them up. He gets so excited and flaps his hands and arms wildly!

I bought some bubbles and bubble bath at Target the other day. 
Bubbles = happiness... and hours of entertainment. 

Last night Everett's friend invited him to the Little Gym. They blew bubbles at the end of class and Everett went around stomping out all of the bubbles that landed on the mat. It was pretty cute. 

He's in love. With BUB-OH's!

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