Monday, March 12, 2012

Kitchen In Progress

I figured it would be better if I blog about our new kitchen as it happens... instead of waiting until it's finished. It's such a process and I'm sure it won't be done for another month or so. 

The upper cabinets are hung on a medal rail. Jake got his laser out and made a chalk line on the wall to make sure it'd be straight. 

Jake put together the first cabinet... which was also his last. I put together the rest of the kitchen. But he still ended up doing most of the work building the bases, leveling the cabinets, and screwing them together. 

Our house was a disaster. I think Everett was able to cope with the mess better than Jake and I both. 

He had fun playing in the boxes and helping Jake measure for crown molding. 

Meanwhile, I was putting together a beast of a corner cabinet/half lazy susan. The booklet was huge.

And there was tons of hardware...

...but still not as much work as a set of drawers (just the boxes for one drawer bank). 

We said good bye to our existing cabinets and Jake put in the new ones.

We got pretty far over the weekend... it's VERY slow going. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken Monday during the day. (It's my only daylight picture.)

Also on Monday, Everett decided to color the floor with a red marker. I was actually quite proud of the little fella. He hardly ever comes up with his own activities and I was happy to take the cap off of his marker for him. 

He colored the entire floor. By the time he was done his socks were red too. 

Well, the floor didn't stay red for too long. Monday night Jake took the sink out (barf)...

...and took the countertop out of the garden window. 

When he took the sink cabinet out and peeled back the floor... we found mold. 

The previous owners must have known about it because it looks like someone tried to cover part of it up in the past. 

Jake dug a little deeper and discovered black mold. Jake cleaned it up the best he could and then we went to bed because it was already past midnight. 

The next morning Jake did a little research and decided that he better come home and take care of it right away because it can be really dangerous... especially for the elderly and young children. 

So he took out the new base cabinets so that he could replace the entire sheet of plywood. 

Nothing like two steps forward and five backwards! But honestly, we expected to run into a least a few problems. That's just how things go. 

Once the floor and the cabinets were back, he framed in the new window. He could even frame it in before taking the garden window out. We were a little nervous that the new window was going to be too small...

At this point, I can't even remember which day we did what. All we knew is that the base cabinets had to be in by Friday morning because that's when they were coming to measure for countertops. 

We had all of the base cabinets in except for the islands here:

Jake build all of the bases on the subfloor and needed to get to the subfloor to build the base of the island. So he cut a line in the floor and we started ripping it up. 

Hello original floor from the 90's... Blue must have been big in that era. Blue linoleum, blue countertops, blue carpet...

Removing the floor was probably the worst task. It was so hard because they glued AND stabled the underlayment PLUS the linoleum was glued to that. It took forever.

I think we were both bleeding that night. Or sweating. 

The tool that worked the best was an old lawn edger we picked up at a yard sale a few years back. You never know when it might come in handy!

When we finally got all of the floor removed Jake built the base for the island. 

He even wired in an outlet. 

And here is our current kitchen. 

We still have a ridiculous amount things to do but it's looking pretty good. Don't you just love our cardboard countertops?!

The kitchen already seems huge to me. 

(The view when you open the front door)

We bought a new sink but we can't install it until the countertops are in (about 2 more weeks). 

So that's our kitchen in progress. 

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  1. Oh my lanta, you two have your hands full! But it looks awesome! I'm so excited, and even a little envious :) I love those cabinets!