Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not A Fighter

So many things have been happening at warp speed around here, it's hard to keep up. It's hard to even remember what emotion I'm experiencing before the next thing happens. 

You know how there's that psychological thing called fight or flight? Well I'm the flight-er. And you know where I'd like to 'flight' to right now... Hawaii. More specifically, Hapuna Beach. Eating fish tacos...

...or flying Jake's kite...

.... or hanging out by the hotel lagoon...

...or doing this:

...or just being with this person...

Oh man I miss this guy so much. Sure we're married and we see each other everyday, but I miss him and I miss being with him. We've been working so hard on trying to get our house halfway livable and decent enough to raise a child in that the only time we spend together is when we're constructing or demolishing something. But pretty soon it will all be finished and we'll be grateful for the experience, but perhaps more grateful that it's over. 

I'm in that awkward place between happiness and sadness, despair and elation. 

It's the waiting that's killing me. 

Waiting for Summer. 
We're almost there. Wait, no we're not. We still have like 5 months before Summer happens. 
But it will happen. 

Waiting for Everett to talk. 
I KNOW that he could talk if he wanted to. But he doesn't and I have to hold on to the fact that he's his 
own person and he'll do things at his own speed. 
But it will happen

Waiting for Everett to let me read him a story. 
He grabs the book out of my hands and throws it before I can even open it. Ahhhhhhh! Frustration!
But it will happen.... someday. 

Waiting for our house to be finished. 
We are much closer than we were a week ago. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel now. 
It's happening. 

Waiting to run again. 
We are getting there... but we aren't there yet. 
But it WILL happen.

Sometimes I feel like everyday is the same day played over and over again. Anyone else ever feel this way?

But I just want to say that I am so grateful for my life. I'm extremely grateful for my very spirited child and my extra handy husband. I'm grateful for this house and to live in America. I truly feel blessed to be me. 


  1. I seem unable to think of anything witty to comment lately. My mind goes BLANK. So I'll settle with You are totally normal and awesome. And I think we should hang out soon.

  2. The relaxation time will come! And I bet it will feel way better after all that hard work. Obviously I am not a pro, but to get Sawyer to talk better we didn't give him anything unless he asks. If he stood there whining, pointing at the counter we wouldn't hand him the juice until we said "juice." a few times and gave him time to respond. Over time he would repeat it back to us and now he wont whine at all, just say "JUICE!" or "binky" or whatever he wants. Once he realized we knew what he was saying, he won't stop talking and trying to learn new words. I don't know if you've tried that but it is what worked for us so thought I'd mention it haha :)