Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rain Run/Claim Jumper

About a week ago a friend of mine mentioned that her physical therapist gave her a lift to put in her shoe to help with her hip pain. My chiropractor had mentioned a shoe lift on one of my very first visits but we both wanted to try to fix my hips without it. 

We got to the point where my hips were finally level... and they would stay level between my Monday to Wednesday and Wednesday to Friday appointments but between Friday and Monday it was enough time for my muscles to pull my hips back to where they've been for so long. It was really frustrating and discouraging because I was hardly doing any exercise at all and my body wasn't getting any better AND I didn't have my normal stress relief when I'm pretty sure I've never needed it more!

So I talked to my chiropractor and we decided that it was time to put a lift in my shoe to see if it would help. It was a little wonky at first, but it actually made my chronic hip pain go from a 5 to a .5. 

All week I've been virtually hip pain free.

We got invited to go on a date to Cliff Jumper with some friends last night. I was going to ask our 12 year old neighbor to babysit but she's pretty little and I wasn't sure if she would be able to lift Everett into his crib... so Grandma volunteer to babysit for the second Friday in a row. She is the best!

She even came to pick him up... so I had about an hour and a half to myself before we were supposed to leave on our much needed date. I decided to go for a run to test the hip with the shoe lift. 

It was pretty chilly and drizzly out but I think that it just added to the enjoyment of running outdoors. 

(It's a totally weird picture, but it's all the rain on my legs.)

I made sure to wear a white hat and a bright orange shirt so that no one would run over me OR so that someone would find me if my hip fell off and I landed in a ditch or something.

I also had black gloves to keep my fingers from freezing and some tunes to keep me going. 

I ended up running a little over five miles at a 8.5 min mile. I was pretty proud of myself and my hip. It did get a little sore around mile 2 and it's still sore but it might just be muscles that are working with my hip in a different position. My fingers are crossed that things will keep getting better and I'll be able to run my races this Summer. 

As for date night... it was awesome. But after a slow cool-down walk around the neighborhood I only had 40 minutes to get ready. 

Isn't it amazing what a Sham-wow can do?! HA! I'm kidding. I showered.

Dinner didn't disappoint. Holy moly the fried zucchini was amazing and my window-maker chicken burger was just as delicious. 

 A run and a date were just what I needed last night. It's amazing how many problems those two things can fix!


  1. I'm glad you found a hip-fix! And I totally admire your 8.5 min mile. I hope to get there... eventually... And your dinner looks delicious!

  2. I just died at the "sham-wow" thing. Are you taking vitamins? Your hair looks like it grew 2 feet in a couple months!

  3. I totally agree. The two very best mood lifter are exercise (especially running!) and date night. I am so glad you got to do those two things in one day. It's so exciting that you may have a fix to your hip problem, or at least something that helps so much. I know how discouraging it can be when you have chronic pain, fatique, stress, etc. It feels so good to know that there might be a solution. I hope it continues to help! And by the way, you look absolutely amazing. You have looked amazing but I forget to post that. You seriously are a hottie.