Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taste The Rainbow

We had a colorful day. 

Did you know that I used to eat cake for breakfast? I did. All of the time. And brownies or cookies or whatever else was delicious and on the counter. In fact, last Summer when I went to visit Montana in Portland, Lucy asked what I usually ate... and Montana said sugar. So Lucy made me some cinnamon rolls so that I would have something to eat in the morning. 

But over the past few weeks and months I've been making a conscious effort to make better food choices. Like at Claim Jumper the other night when I asked if they could make my burger with a chicken breast and I ordered fresh fruit instead of fries. 

I've been feeling pretty dang good (although my diet before wasn't horrible) and I've even lost a few pounds in my quest for better health. I've gained a few things though... new tastes. I tried crunchy almond butter for the first time a week or so ago and I stinkin' love it. Holy smokes that stuff is tasty. I also made some Asian chicken wraps the other day and the sauce called for Greek yogurt. I've never even had Greek yogurt so I thought I'd try it. Greek yogurt is yummy! (But how can you go wrong with milk and cream...) Btw, the chicken wraps are ah-mazing. 

So, since I've been trying new things lately, I decided to make a rainbow cake just for the fun of it. 

Of course the cake was going to look awesome, but I wanted it to taste good too. So I made this recipe and divided it into 6 bowls to mix the colors. 

While I was busy making the cake, Everett was busy painting in his highchair. 

The bath water was yellow when he was done!

Back to the cakes... I made one cake recipe but still managed to get six layers using a six inch pan.

I cut the tops off of each layer so that they'd be flat...

... then stacked the little lovelies. 

I ate so much of the batter and frosting that I haven't even cut the cake to eat a piece. However, I did have to brush my teeth twice while I was making and frosting the cake because I ate so much of it my teeth were coated in sugar. I started feeling a little sick and light headed... I haven't had this much sugar in a loooong time. But it's super delicious!

 Regardless, it was way fun and super cute. Can't wait to have a slice for breakfast... but then again, maybe not.


  1. That cake looks awesome! The colors were very bright..I'm gonna have to try to make one sometime. Also, your kitchen is looking great! Can't wait to see the final product!

  2. Its so pretty! I may or may not have had brownies for breakfast yesterday. lol! That is funny you say you felt light headed from the batter/frosting because usually I feel sick after eating some batter too and can never eat a piece that night haha! Batter always tastes better anyways. I saw that rainbow cake online before and I am pretty surprised to see you made it look just as good! (Not that I'd doubt your skills, but usually things never look as good as they do in pics lol)