Monday, March 19, 2012

Things Are Looking Awesome

Everett's shirt says, "My DAD is AWESOME" (which is very true) but we should find him a shirt that says, "I AM AWESOME!" Seriously, this kid deserves a gold medal for never complaining about a disaster house. 

All of our living areas have been stripped down to the subfloor and we have rugs (and pieces of rug) pieced together in our living room. Seriously, things like this don't even phase him. 

When we were doing the tape and texture and the fridge was in the middle of the room, he didn't mind one bit. Instead, he just walked to the middle of the room to ask for orange juice while I am the one having panic attacks because the fridge isn't where it's supposed to be! Kids really are resilient! 

I'm totally just kidding about the panic attack thing. I've LOOOOOONG gotten over my 'ideal' of having a clean, neat, organized space. It's just whatever works right now. 

And you know what works for this kid? Trains and cars. Lots of them. 

(Ha Ha... train wreck. He came up with this by himself)

Doesn't this just make you smile?! He'll line them up like this and then put them all on the track (equally spaced out), he'll make car noises and even shift gears. The only thing that concerns me is that if one car falls off, he'll get mad and hit all of the other cars and make them fall off too. Or if one train track comes undone he'll get mad and wreck the whole track. 

But other than that, it's adorable. 

(Who needs a train table when they have an ottoman and a piece of cardboard?!)

We are getting pretty excited because we are on the homestretch of our great room remodel! Not really, but we are getting closer. 

Tomorrow (hopefully) Jake will pick up a bigger window that we had to custom order and install it that night. 

Maybe on Wednesday the microwave and the surrounding upper cabinets will be installed... courtesy of Jake. As of the 14th, we've lived here for 6 months... and the microwave has been on the wall for a whopping 7 of those days. As for the other 6months-7days, it's been other random places around our house. 

Then we'll exchange our exotic cardboard counters for "Atlantic Salt" quarts ones on Friday morning. Then we can put the sink and faucet in, and if all goes well, we'll hang the remaining wall cabinets that night. I can hardly wait for Friday night!

Tonight Jake is widening the entry between the dining room and den. 

I got this wild hair last night and started measuring things. And you know what? Sometimes things just work out. The slider is 5 feet wide and the wall to the left of it is 3 feet. Well, now that Jake has widened the opening 13 inches to the right... the opening is now 5 feet wide and the wall to the right is 3 feet. BAM! Symmetry! And it's weird how much more open the two rooms feel now.

(Looking into the den from the kitchen)

(Looking into the kitchen from the den)
(The wall to the right is the laundry room)

I was really excited when Jake told me it was 'doable.' Then he said, "anything else you want to add to the list?" Sometimes I feel bad that I can't tackle some of these projects while Everett is napping during the day, but I just don't have the skills and the strength like he does. The project actually did take a long time. He had to move two, two-way switches and a few wires got crossed (and he got zapped 4 times) but he'll even agree that it was worth it. The opening looks so much better!

Last Friday night Jake picked up our floor. Literally.

Okay, not really. Just the wannabe wood-looking laminate. But if you really want to barf... just check out the carpet that we rolled out of here:

Awesome. Pee stains everywhere. SICK! BLEH!! If you think about it, carpet is kind-of nasty in general. It's like walking on the same pile of laundry for 10 years.... and then letting your dog pee on it. 

But anyways, we're getting there. 

Jake and I were discussing if we'd ever do this again. And surprisingly we both said yes. But we probably won't do something this big again until our kid(s) are grown up. It's fine now that Everett is still young, but someday he'll be in sports (I think) or other activities that will fill up nights and weekends, and plus, it'll be nice to finally live at one address longer that 18 months... that's our longest streak yet. 

Here's to 5 years in the same house... cheers!


  1. You guys amaze me!! This whole thing needs to be submitted to a magazine.

  2. ...will you guys come to my house next? I promise my projects will be a lot easier! Just framing two windows in.... and I'll make you food too :)

  3. My preference for kitchen countertops go towards the medium to darker colors for the reason that they tend to hide stains from spills better if they end up penetrating the sealant, but provided that you're happy using the end result and you stick to the maintenance directions you are going to be ok.