Monday, March 26, 2012


Mom, Dad, anyone else over 45.... this is a sideways smiley face :) 
This is a wink smiley face ;) 
Frown :( 
BTW= by the way 
LOL= laugh out loud (NOT lots of love like I thought it meant for years...) 
and TMI= too much information... which is what this post is about. Ha!

We have these nice guys called home teachers (from church) that come over every once in a while. They usually bring a big plate of cookies when they come and visit. And I usually exercise zero self control and eat lots of these cookies.

Well, they came over yesterday afternoon with a giant plate of cookies... I'm talking like 20+ cookies. Our little family consists of Jake, Everett, and the cookie monster. Divide those 20 cookies 3 ways and that's about 7 cookies per person.

Everett had one. 20-1 is 19... divide that by 2 and that's still way too many cookies for 2 people. (p.s. they came over at 4 p.m. yesterday and all 20 cookies were gone by 9 this morning.)

So if you're putting 2 and 2 together.... you might have figured out that I ate a truck load of cookies in less than 18 hours. And who need dinner when they have a plate of cookies?

Side note, my mother-in-law is a saint.

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and my mother-in-law goes to the same chiropractor (actually our entire family goes to the same guy) and sometimes she will schedule an appointment at the same time as me just to help entertain Everett. She scheduled herself at the same time as us this morning.

Since she came today, we were able to do x-rays and confirm my un-level and twisted hips. Along with some kidney stones. Awesome.

At the end of our appointments, my saintly mother-in-law asked if I wanted her to take Everett home with her so that I could get my mile long list of things done today.

So Everett went home smiling with grandma and I started checking things off my long list. (I still found myself racing through stores even though no one was whining at me).

By the time I was done, I called and Everett was just about to fall asleep for his nap. So we decided that Jake would just pick him up after work.

It was a crazy nice and sunny day, so I decided to go for a run. We do have a jogging stroller (well, kind-of). It's the one that Jake ran over last April. Jake was able to ratchet it back to life (well, kind-of) which included borrowing a wheel from another a thrift store stroller.... but it's just a POS [Mom, Dad, that means piece of crap :)] and it's an accident waiting to happen so we don't use our jogging stroller to do any jogging. So when Everett is at Grandma's I like to go for a run.

BTW, I ate Raisin Bran cereal and the last 4 cookies for breakfast. I ate breakfast at 9 and left for my run at 4... without eating anything for lunch. This is key to my story..... something like 12 cookies and a bowl of Raisin Bran)

So I 'suited up' and got ready to run. I even put sunscreen on my forehead, nose, and chest. Every other area of my body could use a thousand hours of sun. So I went for a run. A long run. Awe, there's just something about running outside on a crisp, sunny day. It was awesome.

I was feeling amazing and I was keeping a great pace. I was going to go 10 miles.

I had to cross a few major intersections where I had to wait for the cross walk guy to appear. I hate stopping when I'm on a run. Things just feel less awesome when you start running again (but I refuse to jog in place while an entire intersection worth of cars stare at me).

On my way back home (at about 5.25 miles) I had to stop at this intersection again and wait through an entire rotation of lights. It was long enough for my body to get the idea that I was done running. When I finally was able to cross the street I got some pretty sharp labor-like pains. Extremely similar to the ones you get after you run a 1/2 marathon.

You know, the after run runs. Yep, TMI. I know. But it happens. Ask any runner.

I was fine until 7.5 miles. Then I knew I had to get home quick. At 7.75 miles was the turn off to head to my house or run a little longer to make it a 10 mile run. I really wanted to run 10 miles but my body had other plans. I was gurgling at this point. Think dumb an dumber style... (just the gurgling though)

So I ran home. I ended up running 8 1/2 miles at a 8 1/2 minute mile.

(Don't worry, my heart rate wasn't 241 and I burned way more than 83 calories... my heart rate monitor is a little wonky right now)

I was so happy with my achievement... but then I wanted to die.

Why do I have the hardest time remembering that too many sweets= your worst nightmare (especially in combination with a long run and Raisin Bran). I've struggled with this since my childhood. I would eat softball sized portions of cookie dough and then feel soooo for sick hours after. Why it is such a hard concept for me to grasp?! Where's my self control?!

Perhaps this is why I wrote it down... so that I'll remember.

I exercise so much self control and discipline in other areas of my life, but when it comes to a big pile of delicious cookies sitting on my counter... it's a whole different ballgame my friends.

Please tell me you struggle with something too even after "learning you lesson" time and time again. I just have so many relapses...

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  1. Did you push the button on the stop light pole 30 times so the light would change sooner?