Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tongue Brushing And Sign Language

This kid likes to brush his teeth tongue. 

He's like: "Hey mom, you wanna try?"

 "Are you sure? It's really fun. Come on, open up"

"I'll even make the noises for you..."

"I'm really good at it, see"

"All right. But don't say I didn't ask"

"Mom, it's just so fun... I can't stop!"

He's such a crack up. He still isn't talking but I know exactly what he's saying with each grunt and squeak.  I've mastered his "language". The last time we were at the Dr.'s office, I mentioned his lack or words. His digression actually. 

His 100% true first complete decipherable-to-anyone word was baby (and it was SOOOOOO cute) but that was months ago. He'd say it whenever we asked him (for a few weeks) and then he just stopped. 

He use to make all kinds of animal sounds and now he doesn't. He accidentally said pretzel the other day. It was clear as day but he refuses to say it again. Personally, I think he's just being a punk. I think he's perfectly capable of talking. 

I'm not stressing myself out about it. I've had dozens and dozens of people tell me about their child/sibling/relative that didn't start talking until they were 3. They woke up one morning and decided to start talking and it was almost complete sentences by then. I hear this all of the time. So I'm not too worried. 

So in the meantime, his Dr. asked that I start teaching him sign language. It's so exciting when he picks up a new sign. He doesn't ever use them unless I ask him to, but at least he's doing the right one I ask him to do (without showing him first).  

But back to 'teeth' brushing, look at all of those teeth!

I thought for sure that he had all of his teeth in (or poking through) and how he has even more coming in at the very back. Could these be his wisdom teeth?! Maybe that's a sign that he'll start talking soon...


  1. What? I wanted to teach Sawyer signs so bad because I know ASL, but I kept reading how you shouldn't because they found it gives them a reason to not learn to talk since they are already communicating without it. Did the doctor address that at all or is there even newer research out there because now I am sad I didn't get to if they found out more about it and it is OK again. I guess I always can with our next one whenever that is lol.

  2. Okay he is sooo cute! Seriously he just has a beautiful face. I love these pics!