Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Water Cycle

Spring is my least favorite season. I just have the hardest time with it. Summer is great, Fall is awesome, Winter is survivable, but Spring is a little torturous for me. It makes me all sad, gloomy, slow, depressed even. 

I'm sure there are some people that just love Spring. They love the flowers and... and.. well, I don't know what else there is to love about spring (because I don't love it).

Did you know that in Washington, Spring means rain? And lots of it.  Like as much rain as you can imagine... plus a little more. See the forecast on my phone... that thing to the right of my thumb is not a chandelier... it's the image of rain. Rain all week. No sun, just rain. Rain rain rain rain rain. Rain. 

Sure, you have to get through Spring to get to Summer, but we still have MONTHS until Summer happens here. (In my opinion, Summer doesn't even start here until mid to late July). And there are the occasional days of sunshine (like amazing Monday) but not nearly enough to keep my pale skin pink.... or a spring in my step.

Today was so sad and gloomy and rainy that I almost got washed away. I feel like I would give anything to have some sunshine everyday. I feel like it's extremely rare to wake up to sunshine here. On most of the forecasted sunny days, you have to wait until noon for the 'fog' to 'burn' off.

 Oh man, I'm such a complainer when it comes to the lack of natural vitamin D (and I know I'm not the only one) but it's just so hard to do anything in the rain. It's not awesome to drive in. Nobody in real life dances in it. It's not enjoyable to run in, ride your bike in, or even check the mail in. It's good for nothing... except for the water cycle and pretty much everything else.

But the water cycle and everything else needs the sun too and we don't see very much of that. :'(  I'm dying for some sun. Waaaaaaah


  1. Thats the only reason we left Washington for California. Best. Decision. Ever.

  2. After living in CA for 3 and a 1/2 years...coming back to wa for 6 months put me into a depression box I felt like. Sun, is important. I was just talking to my sister who said the forecast there was rain for at least a week, I couldn't do it! I need outdoor park play and walks and sunglasses! After we leave VA, I HOPE we get back to Temecula in CA. It is our Happy place! Good Luck, I know how you feel. But, the summer is beautiful in Washington, and would trade a CA summer for it!

  3. Tyrell, My body is a perfect dichotomy when it comes to the weather. I absolutely love the rain and everything about it, but love the sun too. I also suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)so living in WA was very hard on me because of the short dark days of winter and the rain of Spring until I discovered full spectrum lights. After I put them in my bedroom, office and bathroom in my home, I convinced my boss to put them in my office at work. I noticed a complete change in my moods after that. I was happier and healthier. I would recommend that you might read some information about them online and perhaps they might be just what you need. I have told as many of my friends in WA about them because the lights were so helpful for me. Beverly (Andy's mom)