Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Video Ever

I've been meaning to get this video posted for weeks. It's so fun. We're doing 'patty cake' and 'head shoulders knees and toes' with Everett. He's so awesome.

I can't get enough of him 'rolling' his hands and the way he always points to his nose. Adorable!

He is so full of personality and I'm so happy he's mine.  I think one of the best parts of the video is the very very end... and you get to hear him "talking."

(p.s. don't forget to turn you're volume down... we might be bad singers...)



  1. YOU have the cutest family ever! We really miss you guys. I always have so much I want to comment on your blog, but I always look at your posts in the morning on my phone and my phone won't let me comment for some reason. Lame. Anyway, here are a few thoughts I've had...

    1. You 2 and your remodeling skills are AMAZING! We are so not a DIY type of couple. Sean can't do squat ;) Can't wait to see the big kitchen reveal.
    2. Everett is ADORABLE! I love how open you are about the trials of parenting/life. Just know you are not alone!
    3. If you are still trying signs with Everett we love Signing Time videos. Totally worth the money in my opinion.
    4. I can't believe the drama with your hip! Isn't it SO hard to have your body keep you from doing something you love so much. (This will be the HARDEST summer. I can't do jack squat.)
    5. I died laughing about your poop/running story. I've got to tell you a recent one I heard about from a friend. That's for an email though. Man I miss running/training.
    6. I think all the time about how much I miss WA, then your "its been raining for 2 weeks straight" posts remind me how hard it would be with kiddos. Just remember how BEAUTIFUL it is there :)
    7. Maybe I should have just emailed you ;)

  2. He is so smart! And so adorable!!